Google Play Music storage limit increased to 50,000 songs



If Google Play Music wasn’t already threatening the crown for best streaming music service, it certainly is now. Google has just announced a nice bump of cloud storage for your own personal tracks. You’ll now be able to store and stream 50,000 of your own tracks instead of the old limit of 20,000 — that’s more than double, folks.

The storage increase is immediately available for existing users, and new users will have it out of the gate. No fees, no opt-ins, and no worrying about this being a limited time promotion — this is a permanent, free upgrade.

Don’t forget that Google Play Music’s cloud storage is usable even without an All Access subscription so don’t be shy to upload your tracks without having the added benefit of unlimited consumption of tracks you don’t already own. Google has more details (and instructions on how to upload music using Music Manager) right here in case you’re sitting in a state of disbelief.

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  1. Love My Google Play Music… I will start my existing music collection upload when I get home. LOL

    1. Foolish!! It should have already been uploading. =.P

  2. OMG!! Do people really have this much music? It’s insane to think about that. I can’t imagine 50,000 songs. Heck, I couldn’t even imagine 20,000 songs.

    Well, my old IT manager will love to hear this. I know this fule said he had like 50GB+ of music. Smh…

    1. I hit the old limit over a year ago.

    2. I’ve got 400+ GB, but that’s in FLAC format…

    3. Many people like DJs outside US or where the law doesn’t matters for having too much music.

    4. Pfft! If you’re into classical, that’s not a lot.

      61GB/2850 files of WMA lossless CD rips (just what I’ve gotten around to ripping)
      61GB/5800 files of mp3 – Amazon and other web downloads, conversions of WMAs

      A typical Ring cycle mp3 averages 1.1GB @ 190 kbps.

      Classical fans also tend to have multiple performances of the same works:
      7 Ring cycles + 2 other Walkures
      4 Parsifal
      6 Belshazzar’s Feast
      2 Les Troyens
      3 Beethoven symphony sets

      The only thing preventing me from storing all this in the cloud is my 650kps upstream.

      1. I have a hidden desire for classical music and on my finding, I did listen to different versions of the same song. That makes sense when I start thinking about it.

  3. This plus + Google photos is awesome , as for file Google Drive

  4. Yes!

  5. Is there a way to organize the music though? I uploaded 6K songs about 2 years ago…it was all messed up and unorganized….I don’t even bother with it anymore….

    1. Should’ve tagged it correctly before you uploaded, otherwise, garbage-in-garbage-out.

      1. It was pretty well organized on my windows media player library… But oh well…

        1. I don’t know how well known this is, but it is easy to move the music around and even add your own album covers in Google Play. Just edit the music tracks after you have added them in so that they have all the same information, and this should work.

    2. It should have organized by albums, and artist when you initially uploaded. As far as copying “playlist” from one source to another, I don’t think you can. You’ll have to remake your playlist.

  6. I thought I had a huge collection at 8,400 songs, which is around 900 albums. No way could I fill up 20k, let alone the new 50k limit, especially since I haven’t uploaded anything new since subscribing to All Access made everything so much easier.

    (There’s only a couple of bands that refuse to allow their stuff on Google Play, like Metallica, and, … some others I can’t name atm)

    1. I noticed that some songs aren’t available for streaming, but are available for purchase. I’m looking at you Taylor Swift.

    2. I have been filling in the gaps myself by adding the players that are not available, but yea I stopped uploading my own also for the most part because it just is not needed. One of the best bonuses now is no commercials in YouTube; love that :)

  7. What’s their definition of ‘track’?

    My collection is primarily classical so a single track of a commercial recording can be upwards to 35 minutes while some complete works I download from the web may be one massive track (with no breaks between movements as on a commercial recording) lasting 60+ minutes.

    Just for comparison, I ‘only’ have 3700+ ‘tracks’ (separate music files) on my Nokia N900, but that represents approximately 40 gigs.

    1. It should be each individual file.

    2. Individual files. To break the system, one could add all their songs to one single file. LoL!!

  8. Still not enough for me to invest in sadly. I have 44,045 songs stored on my Amazon Cloud Player currently with the limit of 250,000 songs. I’ll probably hit 50,000 within the next year and as much as I’d like to use GPM, I need to know I’m not going to run out too soon – especially as most of my music purchases are via Amazon themselves.

    1. That is insane amount of music. At an average song being 3’30” long that’s over 2500 hours of music. Why the hell would you have so many tracks? Do you listen to any one song more than once?

      1. I probably haven’t listened to 90% of it to be honest. It’s from severe OCD – the need to have entire discographies for artists including alternate versions of albums and stuff. The majority is probably duplicates from anthologies and whatnot. Many, many years and lots of money later and… I have far too much than I could ever need. Music industry must thrive on idiots like me.

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