New CyanogenMod Theme Engine options allow users to customize status and nav bar colors separately


CM12 Theme Engine update satus nav colored nav bars

Being able to adjust even the smallest bits of the UI is one of the reasons Android fans turn to custom ROMs like CyanogenMod. Coming soon to CM12, developer Clark Scheff posted an updated Theme Engine screenshot showing new options to change both status and navigation bars independently from one another. While nothing groundbreaking, it’s yet another feather in the hat of an already full featured ROM brought to you by the boys ay Cyanogen Inc.

As for availability, Scheff mentions you should start seeing the new Theme Engine options arrive in February 19th nightly builds (and beyond), so be on the lookout. As for a little back story, Theme Engine had to be built from the ground up in order to play nice with Android Lollipop, only landing in CM12 nightlies about a month ago. Definitely nice to see further progress being made.

[CyanogenMod Nightly | Google+]

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  1. “Definitely ice to see further progress being made.”
    Ice is always good. I like ice.

    1. Hey man, be cool.


    2. He means he’s cool with that.

      … I hope. :P

      1. no he meant (NICE)

  2. Just waiting for lollipop on 1+ :(

  3. I hope that Google will add the option to use themes. The stock ui has to much white colours.

  4. “Breaking news: theme engine allows you to change the colour of a UI element.” Wow, Phandroid, can you bring us anything less exciting?

    1. It’s not “Breaking News”, but many developers have been talking about Theme Engine changes for a while

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