OnePlus gives us a taste of Android Lollipop as CyanogenMod 12S nears [VIDEO]


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Updates for the OnePlus One are on the way, as you’ve heard, but we’re not exactly sure what to expect. The picture got a tad clearer today with the latest teaser from the company. We get a very brief look at Lollipop running on the device, but there isn’t much to see aside from someone failing horribly at the Flappy Bird clone easter egg tucked inside the latest version of Android.


We imagine this is OxygenOS, the new ROM announced by OnePlus last week. The company promises to give us a first look at OxygenOS on February 12th, but for now all we know is that the current alpha build is more akin to AOSP Lollipop than the feature-packed CyanogenMod.

CyanogenMod your preference? Thankfully that update isn’t far out either. The company confirmed that the update was recently submitted for approval and certification, and his immediate estimation is that the process could be complete in a matter of mere days.

Of course, knowing how quickly things can change in this industry we wouldn’t be surprised if that time frame were extended for some egregious reason. Whatever the case, it shall not be long before the OnePlus One has its first official Lollipop build whether it be from CyanogenMod or the company itself. We’ll keep you posted on any further developments.

[Update]: Upon further inspection of some of the icons present in the app draw, it looks like this teaser is specifically for the aforementioned CyanogenMod 12 build that could arrive by the end of the week. Unfortunately that would mean our curiosities about OxygenOS will have to wait until the big February 12th unveiling.

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  1. They better release 12s. It’s the only reason I bought an OpO. Dam company is so annoying, the customer has NO idea what’s going on with the updates, because they tell us nothing. OnePlus is run by a little boy as a hobby. It’s so immature.

    1. I’m glad to see someone with common sense.

    2. that must be friggin annoying. I hear the OS has a lot of bugs and people are jumping ship from the OpO. = hope they get your phone acting right!

      1. What bugs stop spreading fud. I am using CM nightly build it is working great. One plus has one of the best android phones out there

        1. I read a lot of things on here from OpO owners….(probably are not real owners haha) sorry if what I said is not true, obviously it is not, and I’m glad you are not having issues!

          1. I am sure half of them owned Samsung before they got the phone. Update wise we know whats happening, CM releases nightlies and all: http://www.cmxlog.com/12/bacon/

            I’ve been using CM12 based ROMs for a while and there are no major bugs. Even better is the battery life is the same as the CM11S stock ROM.

            Name one other phone that can survive with same battery on test builds.

          2. that is awesome that its working so well…and you said it, they are probably all samsung owners haha. I’ve entered in a few contests to win one….I hear it is something special by reading reviews, its always making top 5 lists. Guess i should not listen to certain people ;)

          3. You know invites are easy to get right, go on the 1+ forums. I got mine in 3 hours when I decided to buy :P

          4. i’ve had 2 invites so far….comes down to timing….kids first, wife second, everything else third….then I come in a distant 6th or 7th place on toys haha

      2. OPO has been my daily driver since late October. Haven’t seen any major bugs; only a couple of minor things that rarely ever happen.

        The preview of their homemade ROM and custom ROMs have some bugs, but that’s normal.

    3. And this recurring opinion I read across the web is just 1 reason I never consider these guys as an actual phone I would buy, want and count on as my daily driver.

  2. I’m excited, a bit more on timely updates would be great. I love the stock look but I got they implement current features on the OPO. I simply can’t live without “double tap to wake”.

  3. At 00:10 seconds in this video on the about phone screen, the Kernel version looks like it says cyanogenmod. This is probably 12S, not OxygenOS, as Cyanogen said 12S was in QA.

    1. Good eyes. I also think this is CM.

      1. Current Nightlies are on 5.0.2, but this one shows 5.0. So this is not CM12s, its OxygenOS.

    2. Current Nightlies are on 5.0.2, but this one shows 5.0. So this is not CM12s, its OxygenOS..

      1. Could have recorded the video earlier. Build date on that Kernel says Nov 13. Probably just recorded a video of this limited functionality when they got the build running.

        Edit: Lockscreen date also says November 13. Early 5.0 build.

        1. One more thing, see at 00:05s, the app drawer is having CM11 DSP Manager but the CM12 Nightlies have AudioFX default from the very 1st build (6th Jan.)

          And OnePlus advertised that they r going to use Waves MaxxAudio for thier sound enhancement.. So how come CM11 DSP manager comes into play.


          1. Also at 00:05s, the app drawer has Apollo, CyanogenMod’s Music app.

            AudioFX is an OPO app, DSP is a CM app. Probably just an early build that had both included.

            Cyanogen Inc. said on Twitter a couple days ago that Waves is going to be built into AudoFX.

          2. test

    3. Good catch. I just watched the video and said the same thing. The article will be updated. Thanks!

  4. Looks super fast, can’t wait to get it. The phone has been great so far.

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