Samsung Galaxy Note Edge coming to Verizon Wireless on January 8th, Google Nexus 6 mid-February



Since the device’s official US launch back on November 14th, the Samsung Galaxy Note Edge has been available on three out of the four major US carriers, leaving those on Verizon Wireless in the dark. If you’re a fan of one of the more unique smartphone designs from the past year, you’ll be happy to know that Samsung’s Galaxy Note Edge is finally heading to Verizon Wireless this Thursday, January 8th. Pricing for the Verizon’s Note Edge is $399 on a 2-year contract, $799 off-contract, and $33.32 Verizon’s Edge program. Sprint currently has the Note Edge up for grabs with a 2-year contract at $429, T-Mobile is $870 off contract, and AT&T comes in at $399 with a 2-year agreement.

While the image below certainly could be faked, it comes from a reliable source that has provided Phandroid with accurate information in the past time and time again. Please keep in mind that dates do change at the last minute and nothing is confirmed until we hear so directly from Verizon. That said, as it stands now, January 8th is looking pretty good.


Our tipster provided us with another juicy tidbit of Verizon information, sans mandatory blurry image though. According to sources in the know at Verizon Wireless, Google’s Nexus 6 won’t be launching until mid-February. If waiting another month and a half doesn’t make you a happy camper, it’s worth mentioning that the Nexus 6 does currently work on Verizon Wireless, you just have to pop an already activated SIM into your phone, and you’re ready to go. Having the latest from Google officially supported by Verizon does make activating the device a bit easier for new accounts and Verizon customers can also save hundreds of dollars by purchasing a Nexus 6 with a contract.

Are you holding out for Verizon’s official launch of the Nexus 6 or will be be going with Samsung’s Galaxy Note Edge? Be sure to check out our review of the Nexus 6 and our review of the Note Edge before you make any decisions.

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  1. Hell I hope VZ doesn’t get the Nexus 6, they’ll just cripple it with slow updates

    1. Well, a Nexus 6 with slow updates bought on contract because you can’t afford the off contract price is better than no Nexus 6 at all.

      1. That’s so true. I bought a droid turbo to hold me over till Verizon released the nexus 6. The lg g flex 2 is looking pretty interesting to though. I do like the turbo, just wish it had lollipop already.

  2. I call BS!

    1. Me too! I think the Nexus 6 is the Best Smartphone! :)

  3. $400 on contract?, GTFOH

    1. Niche product at a niche price. Has a nice feeling to it, right?

    2. Especially considering it’s a novelty product that’s been available on other major carriers for two months – meaning the “novelty” has largely worn off now – and Samsung has already announced upgraded Note 4’s with faster processors.

      It also doesn’t help that Verizon’s so late to this party – after two months of radio silence – that potential customers missed out on significant savings thanks to trade-ins with Samsung, etc.

      This has been handled extremely poorly, IMHO, and Verizon should re-think their pricing.

      1. Those “upgraded” Note 4’s with SD 810 SoCs aren’t coming anywhere but the S Korean market….99% likely not to the US and certainly not to VZW!

        1. Probably not…then again, the Edge was originally rumored to only be for the Korean market, as well.

          The bottom line, of course, is that Verizon is late releasing this product, with no explanation given. In a market with technology cycles measured in months, insisting on charging the same price as charged by other carriers who had the Edge since day 1, while locking customers into a two-year contract with the phone, seems like yet another poor business decision.

  4. I bought my nexus 6 from Motorola w/18 month interest free financing and took the Verizon sim card out of my Moto X and it works just fine. I have since switched to T moble because I was able to get a better data plan for less and fortunately for me T mobile has excellent 4G coverage where I live, but it is awesome to have the freedom of choice.

    1. Interest free financing from Motorola? Hmm, do they offer interest free financing for the Moto X also?

      1. Yes. It doesn’t matter which phone/device you’re buying from them.

        1. Wow! Frinkin awesome! I had no idea Motorola offered interest free financing, certainly makes a $600 Moto X Pure Edition a whole lot more attainable!

  5. Already rocking the Nexus 6 on Verizon. Bought a long time ago off contract through Motorola…Got no time to wait for Verizon’s silly games.

    1. But then who will play “Guess When the Next Update Comes Out?”

      1. Huh? Got the last update the day it 1st started pushing. Fastest update I’ve EVER gotten.

        1. It’s a Verizon joke.

  6. Got my Nexus 6 rocking on Verizon and loving it… Bought directly from Motorola when released and cut my LG G3 sim card to fit.

  7. Damn i hope verizon will still have Note edge when i get a job but im afraid i wont get it

    1. don’t worry, you can still get a Nexus6 instead. bigger screen, and still fits about the same size in your hand.

      1. I know but im planning to get the Gear Solo as well bc its look amazing with the curve display

  8. Verizon customers can also save hundreds of dollars by purchasing a Nexus 6 with a contract. **** Upfront savings but spend a WHOLE lot more over the course of 2 years. Much cheaper to go off contract and be month to month.

    1. Contracts and CDMA. Why must you stay in 2008 Verizon, why?

      1. Starting in 2016, Verizon will have their first LTE only smartphone.

        1. Don’t worry, they will still find some way to continue 2year contracts, subsidies, and device payment plans/leases. And even if you can truly abolish CDMA and BYOD, Verizon will likely not relent much (if any) on monthly charges.

        2. They need to expedite CDMA’s exit. Canada is ahead of us with that.

  9. What’s the point of getting the Nexus 6 now if they are going to release their 6 inch droid phablet in June that will be a much better phone for an even cheaper price?

    1. the point is that the Nexus is pure android and its obviously a better phone.

  10. As a CSR i cant comment on the validity but just call, the rep will have no problem disclosing info on upcoming phones i promise.

    1. Whenever I’ve tried to get into they always tell me that they don’t know anything until maybe a week in advance. One even told me I seemed to know more about it than they did.

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