Sony’s leaked emails may have revealed upcoming Xperia Z4 design, launch date too


Sony Pictures Xperia Z4 email leak 1

By now you no doubt heard about Sony Picture’s recent troubles with North Korean hackers . While it’s fun to gawk at movies that could have been, no one could have guessed that buried deep inside Sony’s leaked emails was a sales pitch for still unannounced Sony Xperia Z4.

Sony Pictures Xperia Z4 email leak 2

As part of a product placement pitch from Sony Electronics for the new James Bond flick (Spectre) — in which Sony Pictures is charges upwards of 5 million as part of a “Daniel Craig fee” — we get some pretty clear renders of what the email clearly labels as the new “Z4 phones.”

The design, while familiar, showcases 2 very different designs, so it’s tough to know how early of a look this might be. Or which will eventually be the model we see at launch. One model (pictured below) is closer to the current Xperia Z3, featuring glass on the front and back, although a much more chiseled “resin” frame. The other (pictured above) shows a phone with rounded corners and a soft, cushiony leather like material on the back.

Sony Pictures Xperia Z4 email leak 3

The best part? We’re even given an expected launch date for the device: May and November with the 2 dates mostly likely referring to the full-sized and Compact versions of the Z4, respectively. This pretty lines up with the launch timing we typically see from Sony Mobile, so no real surprises there.

Sony Pictures email leak wearable 1

Additional products being pitched for inclusion in the new 007 movie is some sort of new wearable, although its design doesn’t reveal if it’s a smartwatch or some sort of fitness tracker. We’re sure we’ll see more of what Sony has planned during this year’s CES 2015 in a few short weeks. It’s there Sony always announces the next iteration of their flagship smartphone line (yes, only 6 months after the previous version). Stay tuned.


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  1. Z4 for VZW will be the “Z4v” which will be a crap watered down version of an actual Z3 with Z2 parts but called a Z4.

    1. At least Z3v had Qi charging…

      1. So does my SGS3… from 2 years ago.

    2. I’ll admit, the Z3v was still an amazing phone. It didn’t quite touch the battery life of the original Z3, but it was still great! 18 hours with 5 hours of screen on time and still had 30% left before plugging it in.

      I used a Z3 for 30 days along side it (on Cricket) and the battery life was outstanding on it as well. Went 3 days on it once with light usage.

    3. Time to let it go.

      1. Yeah, I know. I was sad, I was pumped, I wanted it, then I realized what the Z3v really was.. a Z2 recycled with a new name.

        The phone still cannot do voice over data. That alone is a no go for me and by the time they finally get it going, I will hold out for the S6 or M9 or Hima.

    4. The point is that at least Verizon actually offered a Sony phone for a change! Last time was that lovely Xperia Play – a joke of phone w/stock Android.

      1. It was a waste of time for VZW. The phone didn’t even sell well. And, it is already old news. Why, because it was not even a Z3. So all of the hype of a Sony phone turned out to be watered down once many found it it was not the Z3 they had been seeing. I bailed on it for that very reason. So, in the end, great, VZW got a butchered Sony phone…. and it went no place. If VZW uses the Z3v sales as a benchmark for a Z4 it does not bode well for a Z4 since they blew it with the pseudo Z3v no one really bought. So Sony may not be around for a round 2 on VZW. The Z3v should have never happened. Heck, the store reps at VZW don’t even know they are selling this phone.

  2. No Z4 ultra news.

    1. Maybe that all-glass model is the Z4 Ultra? Who knows…

      1. Chris responded to me! That’s awesome. It’s killing me waiting for news on the z4 ultra. I’ve been holding out for an 810 based device so I skipped the nexus 6. I feel like the 801 in my oneplus one will be enough to tide me over till the 810. I just hope the z4 ultra has a 6.4 inch display rather than the rumored 5.9. I’d even be fine with the 805 if it was packing a 6.4 inch panel. Thanks for replying to me, keep up the awesome work Chris.

  3. Bring it on!!!!!

  4. At least something good came of the Sony hack

  5. Sony, all is well till Kim Jong Un says he doesn’t like it, has he approved this phone for use in The United States??.

    1. Hahaha! THIS.

  6. May and November? perfect dates to introduce Z4 and Z4C. And what’s the photo on the top of this page that says “THE ELEMENTAL”?

    1. Guessing it’s some kind of marketing speak for the design because right under it it reads: “Xperia Z Fourth Generation”

  7. Damn, Sony hardware looks so good.

  8. I’d just like to point out the Z2 came out around 7 months ago and the Z3 only 2 months ago. Sony need to calm down

  9. No glass back please

    1. I agree. Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE my Z3, but the glass on the back is really soft and scratches on almost any table or surface. I put it in a case due to it sliding off a table.

    2. That is one of the few things holding me back from rushing out to the store and trading my G2 for a Z3 (that and the hacking thing). It sure looks nice though.

    3. I’ve had a Z2 since June and there isn’t a scratch on either the back or front glass panel.

      1. Bet it’s still as slippery as an oiled banana skin though.

        Glass is nice and all, but if I put a phone down on my furniture, I want it to stay put.

        1. Definitely is slippery. Hasn’t posed a problem for me.

  10. “007, you only have two more baddies to kill before you have reached today’s fitness goal.”

  11. With Sony’s recent behavior, bending to the will of the hackers, I don’t think I’ll be giving them any of my money any time soon. Not to mention, I don’t trust Sony to even know my phone number at this point, let alone my billing information.

    1. You’re blaming Sony Electronics for Sony Pictures’ idiotcy?

      1. Good point.

      2. When Howard Stringer became the CEO of Sony, Sony ceased to be an Electronic company and instead became an Entertainment company with an Electronics subdivision.
        The rest is history when SMSG leap frogged SNY and too late when SNY realized the mistake and now it is screwed.

    2. Well, a really good thing that has come out of the hacking are the shenanigans of the Hollywood studios on Project Goliath.

      Columbia Pictures is owned by Sony.

      Universal Studios is owned by Comcast.

      And now the Goliath striked back (hot from the oven)


  12. 2015 is gonna be a awesome year for phones and smart watches…. I’m ready for both

  13. Posting information obtained through hackers and illegal shouldn’t be right.
    I think is very interesting but it gives support to these guys.

  14. That beveled look matches what’s in Sony’s new teaser for ‘new world’.

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