Watch the Nexus 6 get unboxed in under 6 seconds [VIDEO]


Des Smith T-Mobile Nexus 6

T-Mobile Senior Product Manager Des Smith is back with yet another one of his early unboxings, this time showing off the box that his Nexus 6 test unit arrived in. To be clear, this isn’t the final “retail ready” Nexus 6 box for T-Mobile, but if nothing else, it does give is a hint of what to expect for the unlocked model at least.

It’s interesting to see the box is almost pure white aside from the red stickers on the side to keep everything sealed shut. A big “6” indention can be found on the front but other than that, well… it’s a box. The T-Mobile Nexus 6 will be arriving at T-Mobile on November 12th, so if you’re interested on picking up the soon-to-be best phablet on the market, better mark your calendars.

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  1. great phone but hard to accept that google is going to charge $650 for this phone. not really affordable for most. I was hoping for $299 or $349 off contract. ……………… so much for that line of thinking

    1. not only that, but the nexus tablet is gonna be cheaper than this!? I’ll just hold out until next year and see what HTC, lg, or Sony is going to do. my HTC m7 is still going strong.

    2. The more comments that I read complaining about a measly $650, the more I believe the reports that claim that Android users don’t like paying *for anything*.

      Sheesh people its a PREMIUM DEVICE. Have you see what an iPhone 6+ goes for off contract?
      $749 for the 6+ 16GB. You get less RAM, less screen, less android for $100 more. If you want to talk about ridiculous pricing, start there.
      $749 for the Note 4. At least you get 32gb there, but then you have to deal with TW and no built in wireless charging or water proofing.

      1. to be fair, iphone 6 camera probably blows this thing out of the water… but yes i do agree that android users dont like paying for anything… that’s actually one of the reasons why i have android lol. And most people do not want to pay $700 for a phone, but that’s a good thing these bad boys are going to be available on contract on all the carriers. I also don’t think it will be $650 since ATT suggested $50 on contract pricing, unless that was a mistake.

        1. That was probably a placeholder. Don’t get your hopes up.

          I wouldn’t be so sure the iPhone camera blows this thing away. Google has been talking a big game for a while about delivering a great camera experience, and cameras have been a pain point on *every* *single* *nexus*. I doubt they’d go for the premium quality device with a sub premium camera.

      2. Cool story, bro.

        However, I agree with you about having a ‘premium device’, I would like that as well. But that’s not what the Nexus program is all about (at least from what I thought). The Nexus is a developer phone after all, and it’s needs to be reasonably priced so everyone can afford it. I’ve had every Nexus phone (and tablet) since the OG Nexus one and Moto Xoom and loved them. But I will pass on the Nexus 6 for multiple reasons. First being price, and second being the massive size of the screen. Come on Google, shits weak….

        1. Nexus wasn’t even ever considered strictly a “developer” phone, nor was it ever stated that it needed to be reasonably priced. It was only a chance for Google to show everyone else what a phone running Android should be. It’s a reference device.

          This is a great phone at a competitive price to other flagships, and VERY competitive when it comes to phablets.

          Other posters here have it right when they said that the Nexus 4 and 5 spoiled us all when it comes to pricing.

          Personally, I think that $650 is a really great deal for this nice of a phone that will work on EVERY MAJOR US CARRIER. I can’t remember the last unlocked phone that worked on all of the big 4 networks (though I’m sure there must have been a couple out there). Not only that, it has a premium build, a huge QHD screen, 3GB of RAM, wireless charging, turbo charger compatible, pure Android, dual front-mounted stereo speakers, and a huge battery.

          Yup, total ripoff….


          1. nexus phones were once considered developers phones

      3. the problem that I see here is that 1. nexus devices have been offered to us at a cheaper price, 2. this thing cost MORE than the tablet and is less powerful that the tablet, 3. I can’t see the price justifications for a more beefer moto x.

        1. It was said in a comment I read higher up, but the 32 gb moto x is 550 off contract. Look at what you get for the extra hundred dollars. More ram, bigger screen with a higher resolution, better processor, bigger battery, wireless charging…

      4. Since $650 is “measly” do you mind sending some my way? lol

        I do agree that it’s priced correctly for a premium phone.

      5. Don’t forget they both lack the front facing stereo speakers, too!

    3. Well good pricing deals on Nexus may be a thing of the past. Google seems to have all the top end specs in this phone making it best in class and it’s reflected in the price. The cheapest iPhone 6+ starts at $749 for a 16gb model; I’d say we are still getting a deal considering that fact.

    4. The Nexus One and S were $530 off contract at launch, and the Galaxy Nexus was over $750 in the USA on launch day.

      I’m happy Google’s choosing to make the Nexus a premium device again. I’d much rather pay $650 for the best Android phone on the market, than $300-350 for something average. Nexus phones started off premium, and personally I think it’s great they’ll be able to compete with the best of the best on the hardware side again.

    5. 299 for those specs? Be realistic. That’s an on contract price. Be real man. Smh. That’s not a reason. You’ve been spoiled and that’s a personal issue.

    6. $299 for a device with specs that rival the $825 Note 4?! You cheap bastard. Wow

      1. It’s funny but take easy my fiend nsciucco. I was on the line of $499 given Google’s track of cutting the price some and making Nexus more widely available.

  2. To be fair the 2014 Moto X 32 GB version costs $550. The Nexus 6 beats it in EVERY category and only costs $100. more. For that hundred you get a better processor, Larger screen, much larger resolution, more ram, larger battery, and lets not forget wireless charging. You’re getting a lot for that hundo.

    1. And water resistance apparently as well!

      Compare it to the Note 4 and the iPhone 6+ pricing and you’ll see what a deal you’re getting.

    2. The best comment I’ve seen all day. People who can’t swallow that price are not being realistic. I can see if the screen size bothers you, but even then, see it for yourself in stores to clear that size issue up. I have a Note 3 and it feels normal to me. an extra .2″ won’t bother me. Plus, the bezels are thinner on the Nexus 6 being it’s made by Motorola. So it’s in my interest. They would cut corners with previous Nexus devices and now it seems like they didn’t and people want to complain? Smh.

      1. The people complaining are the ones that were spoiled by the nexus 4 and nexus 5 pricing. Those 2 phones are exceptions to the rule regarding phone pricing. While it would have been nice for Google to bring it in cheaper again (still crossing fingers) The price of this phone aligns well against other high end phones.

        1. There should also be some steep holiday discounts coming up real soon (i.e.: black friday & cyber monday).

          I’m interested in the 64GB version, but only as a trade for my Note3, which isn’t possible at the current prices. $100 less and I come closer to breaking even (since I paid $690 for my 32GB last year, and can sell it *mint* for about $500 (unlocked))

      2. Thank you for speaking sense. I wish I could upvote your comment to the top by myself.

    3. So it *does* have wireless charging? I glanced really rapidly over the stats page Google set up, but I didn’t see it. That’s the only thing it’s lacking for me, so if I just missed it, well… let’s do this!

      1. According to Motorola’s Nexus 6 site, Qi charging support is included. Link: http://www.motorola.com/us/Nexus-6/nexus-6-motorola-us.html#nexus-6-specs

        1. Many thanks, @lampshade!

    4. It doesn’t beat it in any category because the Nexus 6 is absurdly big therefore disqualified.

    5. Don’t forget it is actually dual speaker instead of moto x, where you are only using one at the time (really stupid).

  3. I hope they refresh all of the nexus line or something.

  4. I think my love affair with the Note series is fading… badly.

    1. I know what you mean.

      1. It just sucks to brick a 128GB microsd card and a Gear 2 Neo…. but I’m so pissed that the Note 4 is still 5.7″ (should’ve been 5.9″) and it’s not water/dust resistant… so annoying!!

  5. made a point a couple months ago that this phone was gonna cost more than people thought. the 805 and adreno 420 aren’t hardware on the verge of obsolescence like the processors for the nexus 4 and 5 were. plus they were GSM only(the didn’t have LTE). stuff costs money. the price is dissapointing but not really all that surprising.

    still, i don’t see this phone having a $300 performance difference over my ONE.

    1. Performance difference? Maybe. Quality difference? Probably.

    2. Pretty sure the 5 supported LTE out of the box.

  6. I thought moto x resolution was plenty for a phone. Why do we need such high resolution phone screens, just to say that we do? This is getting ridiculous. Doesn’t having all that extra unnecessary resolution take more processing power and battery life? I’d rather stick with reasonable resolution to gain battery life.

    1. Well you don’t really need any advances and unless your phone is broken, you don’t really need a new phone at all. There are other choices in phone that trade some things for battery life and others still that trade battery life for specs. The Nexus should be one of the best compromise between the various spec balances and I think the N6 will fit this quite well.

  7. As long as I can get the 64GB version from T-Mobile, I’ll check it out. I just don’t like the huge screen. Anything above a 5″ screen is too big for a phone, imo. Once you put a case on this thing, it’s going to feel humongous.

  8. I did not save a bunch of money on my car insurance, but I feel good for flagging your post. =D

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