HTC Desire Eye leaked with 13MP front facing camera and LED flash


HTC Desire Eye red

As we near HTC’s “Double Exposure” event on Wednesday, we’re now receiving hints that the Taiwanese manufacturer could be planning to announce more than just a simple GoPro competitor. We’ve heard talk of a revised HTC One M8 with a 13MP shooter dubbed the “HTC One M8 EYE,” and now it seems HTC could be planning something similar for their Desire line of handsets.

HTC was one of the first OEMs to pack a high-res 5MP “selfie” camera on their handsets but apparently that was just the beginning. Leaks from a variety of sources have seemingly confirmed the existence of an HTC Desire Eye, a smartphone equipped with both a 13MP wide-angle camera on the back and the front. Press renders of the phone have been leaked in red and blue and if the very large camera cutouts on the front are any indication, these rumors have grown a few more legs to run on.

HTC Desire Eye red blue

After trying to sell their 4MP UltraPixel camera for so long, it seems HTC is finally ready to throw in the towel and give the consumers what they really want — moar megapickles.

Of course, the actual quality of the camera remains to be seen. We found the 5MP front facing shooter of their current devices (like the HTC One M8) lacking.

HTC Desire Eye featured

Rumors point to the HTC Desire Eye coming equipped with a 2.3GHz Snapdragon S801, 5.2-inch 1080p display, 13MP rear/front facing cameras, 2GB RAM, 32GB internal storage, and a 2,400mAh removable battery. Of course Sense 6 is on board and the phone could have an IPX7 rating for water resistance.

[Upleaks 1, 2 | HTCFamily.ru]

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  1. Interesting idea, but Eye still don’t get their stupid bezel situation.

    1. They have too house the front facing speakers top and bottom. Also, they probably have a ton of components under the HTC emblem. If you make something super thin, then componentry has to go somewhere. Indeed, just look at the iPhone 6 and you’ll see the same thing.

      1. Meh, don’t believe their bullshit.

        If LG and Moto can do it, so can they.

        1. Do what? Last I saw, they didn’t have front facing speakers and did have screens that were 0.5″ and 0.2″ larger, providing a bit more room for internals. For my part, once you get used to listening to front facing speakers, it’s hard to go back to Moto’s crappy sound.

          1. What they can do is fit your “ton of components” without wasting nearly an inch’s worth of space.

            The 2014 X’s speaker is front-facing, and the sound quality is nearly the same as the “boomsound” despite it being only one speaker.

            And your argument for larger screen size allowing for more internal space would be valid IF the G3 / 2014 X were larger than the M8, but they’re smaller! The G3 is thinner and the X is shorter than the M8. They managed to fit your “ton of components” in nearly the same space WITH larger screens, and in the case of the X, a front-facing speaker.

          2. I thought the HTC One M8 had amplifiers as well for their speakers? Could that be why they’re using more space? I mean, they may be using similar components, but when it came to speaker technology in mobile devices, those parts are larger since that hasn’t been worked on too much.

          3. Sorry to break it to you, but all phones have amps. That’s how you’re able to hear the audio. No amp = no sound production.

          4. The moto G is shorter but it also thicker and wider then the M8 with a smaller battery, that is the trade off. The G3 also have button in the back and it is wider.

      2. They should call this the HTC EyePhone

  2. mega pickles. i want moar mega pickles.


  4. 3 things that wont get me to buy one of these….bezels (sides not top/bottom), battery and and speakers?? If it doesnt have front facing speakers then why are the bezels still so large?? top/bottom/sides included in that question….

    1. Apparently it does have front facing speakers. They’re located in the gaps between the glass and the plastic (top and bottom).

      1. well….I wonder if there if they can produce the same quality as previous HTC’s….if so, i would have to take a real hard look at one. I read nothing but great things from their phones. I think if camera quality ends up being pretty good, then I would be willing to ignore the large bezels because it is a pretty cool looking phone to be honest.

  5. Now HTC is getting somewhere.

  6. Is that a front facing flash?

    I already see two small proximity and light sensors. Unfortunately they’re on the left, the way I position my phone sometimes I end up hanging up calls. Something I noticed on my N5, had to start locking the screen to prevent it from happening. Glad myt OPO has em on the right.

  7. I’m actually liking this….could be an option….

  8. Does this mean the speakers won’t be there anymore? I was just putting those speakers to work last night. I was at a bar and showed my friends a video.

    Hmm… I hope they keep both options. Or will their Desire line be camera oriented and their One line be speaker oriented? That’ll be nice.

  9. Front facing flash… Seems like it would hurt your eyes. I’d rather have a poorly lit “selfie” than temporary blindness.

  10. I’m buying this if it’s for real. I do hope there will be a snapdragon 805 inside.. but I doubt it

  11. Does it come with the girl with the rainbow bikini in that photo? If yes, I’m in.

  12. Removable battery on an HTC you say? Maybe I should have waited on buying g3

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