Hoping new iPhones will lure Android users, Apple posts guide to ease transition



Apple’s 4.7 and 5.5-inch iPhones are the company finally admitting that some people like bigger phones. Most of those people currently use Android devices, a demographic Apple hopes to capture a slice of courtesy of the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus. How confident are they in achieving this? Confident enough that they have gone ahead and posted a guide that will help Android users during the transition between operating systems.

The guide covers the gamut, from transferring accounts, contacts, and calendars to photos, music, documents, and more. They even touch on finding the apps you used on your old phone, noting “you’ll probably find [them] on the App Store.”

It’s certainly not the most in-depth guide, and Apple doesn’t touch on some of the finer points that come along with moving from Android to iOS (how about keeping your Google ecosystem intact?), but Apple is doing their best to prepare for what they hope is a mass Android exodus.

For those not swept up in iPhone-mania, the new devices (the first time Apple will launch two new iPhones of different size at the same time) drop this Friday, September 19th. The iPhone 6 and 6 Plus have already been doing solid numbers as part of an ongoing pre-sale, and record numbers are once again expected to show up for the launch. We’re sure Samsung would rather folks in search of a new phablet hold off a fews weeks for the upcoming Galaxy Note 4. That handset will launch in October.

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  1. I remember when Apple was once the innovator and leader in the industry. Now they’re just another large company with a loyal number of customers following other people’s ideas.

    1. The “New” Blackberry!

    2. But who is really innovating right now?

      1. Motorola. By releasing a watch. That’s round. Like a regular watch.

        1. Well if physical design counts, then you can’t say Apple isn’t innovating.

      2. LG: Moving buttons to rear of device and still making is practically enjoyable to use.
        Minimising device size while maximising screen size.

        HTC: Speakers the likes of which no smartphone/phablet user has seen before.

        Android: Endless possibilities for customisation including: launchers, default apps, root apps (GMD Gesture Control, Tasker, etc.) that can do almost anything you can imagine.

        1. HTC and LG did that over a year ago on their prior generation devices. And your Android answer is definitely nothing new.

          Just playing devil’s advocate… Though I do believe we’ve somewhat plateau’d in general, at least for now.

          1. I personally see it as a bit of a gimmick, but one could make the case that Samsung is at least trying to push innovation with their curved display technology presented in the Galaxy Note Edge.

          2. No, he’s right. He answered your question and I guess you didn’t like that? He only forgot to mention the latest attempt to innovate: Samsung with the Note Edge

          3. I said I was playing devil’s advocate… But to continue in that roll… Those were innovations LAST year on their PREVIOUS devices. The subject of the original comment about Apple not innovating is within the context of the here and now, and the iPhone 6/+. And the Android piece he mentioned has nothing to do with OEM innovations.

      3. Do you prefer circular or rectangular watchface?
        There you go: small innovation in watchface formfactor could go a loong way to give pleasant function.

      4. Smartphones have gone stale. I don’t care which manufacturer it is. They all just add incremental updates.

  2. That’s cute..

  3. What about users with small hands that are overwhelmed by a 4.7 inch screen? Where will they go?

    1. To hell, or back in time.

    2. The Note line has a very easy one handed mode.

    3. I’ve always wondered if it’s the screen size or the size of the phone that bothers smaller hands. Because the Epic 4G Touch (Sprint GS2) had a 4.5 screen and it was perfect size for me. And the phone could have been smaller if it had on screen buttons.

    4. they will just get the 4.7 inch one. My girlfriend doesn’t want a bigger phone but since she has no choice she is just gonna get the 4.7 incher.

      1. So many possible jokes to be made.

      2. That’s just what she tells you……

        1. some girls just cant handle 5.5?

      3. So, no choice for the small hands, eh?

      4. Still a lot bigger though

    5. There’s apparently a function in iOS 8 that will squish the screen elements down closer to the home button when it is pressed (twice?). This allows smaller hands to use the device one handed and then return the screen elements to the proper place once the desired action is completed.

  4. “Apps
    You’ll probably find the apps you’re already using on the App Store. Go to the App Store, search for the apps you have now, and install them. Then sign in with your user name and password.”

    Now if I’m reading that correctly from Apple’s own support page, ALL apps that have been purchased through Google Play, will transfer over, free-of-charge, as long as there’s a corresponding app in the Apple Store.

    1. Not sure that would fly in court… :)

  5. Both phones have 5.5 inch screens… one company did it right… one company will probably get it right with the 6 Pluss. 6 Plus(s)? 6 Plusses? 6 Plus 2? Wonder what they’ll call it next year…

    1. This is what I’m saying. That button has to go.

    2. If we’re going to compare the two phones… lets please use a homescreen that doesn’t look like a train wreck. Search widget in the middle of the screen? Clock widget? Seriously? Notification bar is in overflow territory and yes – the battery needs to be charged.

      When people say “yes the iphone is big but holy crap android is ugly” all that they have to do is point to this phone screen and be proven correct.


      1. I just took a screenshot from this article:


        Yes that home screen is certainly not very pretty but still aside from the point. For years iPhone fans have derided my large screened Androids. Now they really can’t because, as we can see, dat 6 Plus is HUMONGOUS! Makes me happy :)

        Plus – just show them a way better looking home screen. Someone with Nova Launcher with sub grids and custom icon packs and some rad widgets. No big deal.

      2. Are you serious? Considering that the Android platform is completely customizable, your opinions just comes off as naive. If you don’t want a clock widget, don’t add one… If you want a grid based screen paradigm that’s as outdated as a “Palm Pilot,” then go ahead and stick with iOS — which tends to appeal to people that really can not, nor do not like to think different. iOS’s sameness is incredibly boring, and its intentional limitations for anyone that wants to own/use their device can be frustrating.

        1. my exact words, thank you

      3. Look at all that bezel!

      4. Lol, either you’re ignorant or trolling. If a home screen on Android is ugly, look no further than the owner. For the home screen is literally whatever you want it to be.

        1. Much trolling going on since iPhone 6 release. Not by chance.

      5. look at that beautiful QUAD HD screen! That monster on the right looks like the original note 1

      6. I see personality on the left and drone lemming on the right

      7. Id rather take an “ugly” Android home screen because at least it can be changed and things can be moved around. With Apple youre stuck with a wall of icons on your home screen, no choice of doing anything else.

        1. I used to love customizing my home screens. But I now realize that it’s just a place to launch apps from, not my livong room. I currently use just one home screen and the app drawer.

          1. I got i think 5 home screens, home to mostly widgets. Facebook, Twitter, Yahoo Sports, Weather Channel, etc. My dock has Phone, Text, Camera, and Chrome shortcuts. Behind that is a picture of me and my wife. I set up every phone the exact same way.

      8. You do know that this can be changed in a matter of seconds right?
        ….and I’mnot talking about iPhone

    3. They will call it iPhone SX6 out of desperation to lure new users

      1. Sexy six

    4. That LG phone is awesome, especially when you put it up to the iPhone 6.

    5. That bezel has to go on the iPhone 6 Plus.

  6. How long can it possibly take to say bend over and grab your ankles?

    1. At least Android has multiple techniques that you can look forward to, haha.

  7. It’s a shame Apple won’t release iMessage for Android the same way that Google has Gmail, Maps, etc for iOS. It’s the only thing I’m envious of as everyone pretty much uses iMessage for seamless text/data messaging.

    1. If other OEMs would get onboard and make hangouts there default SMS app do you think hangouts would be just as good if not better than imessage ?

      1. Ever since Google Voice got integrated into Hangouts, I love it!

        1. Yeah gv in hangouts ftw. I hope imessage is not still dropping android recipient sms

          1. It is. My friend Bob still complains that he can’t receive multi-person MMS group messages from his iPhone friends.

          2. That may be fixed with last Hangouts update. Has historically been a huge sore point. I’ll test it tomorrow.

      2. All that matters is what your friends are using.

        1. True. Unfortunately my friends are split. My mom brother and 2 friends use iphones (imessage) while 2 other friends my sister and gf use hangouts. So its split for me

    2. Everyone I know uses Whatsapp, whether they use Android or iOS.

    3. Work at an iPhone AT&T Call center, then you will know how wonderful iMessage really is.

      1. What does this even mean. Can’t believe the iOS users on phandroid since the 666 announcement

        1. I’m assuming that the 666 announcement is the announcement of the new iPhones. It’s still a bit of a lame way of referring to it, though, as is Apple’s arguments for moving people towards new iPhones.

          1. yeah, trying to be too clever. Fail

        2. My guess is the individual is referring to reports from celebrities that their iPhone contact information has been abused by low-level Apple Store employees with access.


        3. wow…maybe you think about what you type before you say it. I, for one am not an iOS user. I happened to work for a iPhone call center (where most employees had Android devices mind you) They had money. I needed a job. I’m not going to turn them down because my blood and piss doesn’t run white.

          what it means is: I happened to get a lot of calls about iMessage being a piece of crap. People like you are making the android community look no better than the iOS fanboys.

      2. Lol dude I know exactly what u mean… I should get your UID, haha… If your employee that is

    4. I am not really jealous as much as I am annoyed by it. I would use Facetime if they released it for Android just to shut up my relatives who constantly bug me to get an iPhone so they can Facetime…..Skype/Google Hangouts is too hard for everyone with an iPhone user apparently.
      In fact this is the first iPhone I have ever considered. But its going up the Note 4 and Moto X. I think I finally settled on the Note 4 love the stylus I love gadgets and I am intrigues by the Gear VR toy. The voiceless controls with the Moto X and the Motorla Hint appealed to my scooter driving ways(I could ditch my crappy BT helmet). The iPhones 6+Camera is the main attraction here plus the opportunity to get some more modern games are the main draw for me. The size and NFC finally opened the door of interest for me. I was expecting an updated Lumia 1020 in Sept it never materialized and I already own the M8 so WP has nothing for me at the moment.
      However I looked my families struggle with Facetime and for me its a turn off. There is no reason its not on android except to get family and friends to pressure people to buy iOS devices. I have to say that is a huge mark against Apple in my book and one that I would be very unhappy to support. But at least I coudl recieve and send message to people iwth iMessage with less issue.

    5. Do we really need to have anything other than Whatsapp?

    6. i was at a store in Bk and someone was using a MAC and running the Chrome browser. I had a little giggle.

      1. I’m writing from Chrome on an iMac right now. Macs and iOS-devices are very different animals, I don’t really feel “walled in”.

  8. Hmm yeah no thanks ..

  9. They can keep their phones. For someone like me, it ain’t just about size. There are many things I get from Android that I didn’t get when I had an iPhone and I don’t think the screen size is going to change that. That’s just me……

    1. The iPhone 6 design is nice I’ll give them that, but otherwise I’m with you. There are too many things that I’d miss from Android if I were to make the switch. Until Apple addresses those qualms (if they ever do) I’m staying right here.

      1. “The iPhone 6 design is nice I’ll give them that”..After taking a full year to come up with the design, it better be nice.

        1. Correct me if am wrong but GNote came out in 2011. That means they had 3 years not one.

          1. You are absolutely right. What I meant was that they come up with one phone every year, that is a lot of time.

  10. No thanks Apple. I like to install my custom roms.

  11. Every Android user I know who went to iPhones, regretted it unless it was an iPhone they wanted all along and bought an Android phone because it was more affordable. On FB, everyone I know who is talking about buying an iPhone 6 is a current iPhone user. There have been zero posts from the Android users saying they’re considering a move to the iPhone this time around.

    When the iPhone 5 came out, there were a lot of Android users I knew who jumped ship to “get the real deal”. This time around, it’s “Wow, the iPhone has finally caught up to Android from two years ago.”

    1. The people who jumped ship for the “real deal” are as misguided as they are foolish.

    2. I like the iPhone 6 design and build quality which are the only reasons that I’m on the fence. There’s just too much I like about Android to get me to switch to a closed ecosystem. There would have to be something really spectacular in iOS 8 for me to even consider giving up Android.

      1. Don’t leave us! :-)

        Many Android flagships have awesome build quality nowadays. Just look at the HTC One M8, the Galaxy Alpha and Note 4, the Xperia S3 and S3 compact, the list goes on.

    3. I hope your right. I kind of feel like Samsung is likely the most exposed at this point. I’m not sure Samsung users are committed to android as much as display size. I would really like to know where Android fans stand. My son always threatens to jump ship with every iphone release. I have bought 2 products on pure principle and direction of companies. Android/T-Mobile. I feel like those choices made 5 years ago are starting to prove it makes sense to buy on principle instead of flashy trendiness..I’m starting to remind myself that no matter what they’re all out to make money and companies and directions can change fast.

      1. I had a choice in 2008 of getting an iPhone or going with Android on T-Mobile and at that time they only had one Android phone, the T-Mobile G1 with Google. It was also an HTC device. I have never regretted it or my decision to stick with HTC. Had the G1, the G2, the ONE S, the ONE M7, and now the ONE M8. Next year ill upgrade to the M9.

        1. I guess all the “Predacons” use HTC lol?

          1. Yes, we have a family plan with T-Mobile, lol.

  12. Step1: unroot your phone

  13. I’m actually seeing the reverse happening. People that were previously staunch iPhone users shifting over to android.
    The galaxy phones are almost seen to be as cool and hip as Iphones these days.

    1. It’s about time. I’ve had quite enough of the attitude some people have that the iPhone is the best thing to happen to the universe since it came into existence.

    2. Just watch! There are enough awesome flagship phones on LG, Motorola, HTC, OnePlus, Sony, etc. Samsung and iPhone don’t have the only amazing phones anymore. I hope that the shift gets disbursed across the many choices and people quit treating their phones like designer clothing and quit being sheep and treat it as the unique preference it should be.

      1. Well that’s the thing. Most are not looking at other brand android phones, just the galaxy one’s which aren’t as good IMO.
        The galaxy phones are rapidly becoming the ‘cool’ phone to own and most get it simply because everyone else is. Just like they did with the iPhone.
        Most people don’t even know Motorola, HTC, etc even make android phones.
        Samsung spent big bucks on marketing over the years like Apple did and it’s paying off.

  14. Here in Asia, I know a lot of girls who will give up their large screened Samsung’s and purchase the 6+. It’s different enough to be cool again, and all they do is chat on Line, watch videos, and use Facebook.

    1. perfect consumers of iPhones with other words :)

      1. While all Android users hack the NSA mainframe while watching Flash pornography using the split-screen multitasking?

        1. A yea thats what we do

        2. flash is dead on android.

          1. Not if you root :-)

  15. What’s the point?
    Everyone’s using Samsung or Lenovo nowadays, no need to go back to 2012 and use iPhoney

    1. I’m not using any of the above.

  16. Step 1 : Beat your forehead violently into a brick wall to create brain damage.
    Step 2 : Determine if youre dumb enough yet to buy any Apple device.
    Step 3 : Repeat.

  17. hahahahahahahaa

  18. If Samsung would stop bloating their phones with ugly, unintuitive software – then maybe I wouldn’t consider replacing my Note 3 with a iPhone 6 Plus.

    1. I read somewhere (cant remember where) they’re stepping back from that. I’ve read that much of their bloat is now optional (via the Google Play Store). I thought the article was about the Galaxy Alpha but I’m not sure.

      1. That is great news – I hope it will be retroactive on the Note 3. Without rooting my Note 3 I could not remove but only “turn off” 30 of Samsung bloatware apps and services. There are still a bunch that I can’t touch. So why not root? Because THAT’S one thing Samsung has spent lots of effort to hinder people doing with their @#$% KNOX service. Rooting would void my warranty…

  19. January 2014 my employer upgraded my phone from the HTC Thunderbolt to an apple 5s. I thought I would really like it since I had some trouble with the thunderbolt, battery, intermittent reboot etc. I loathed the apple 5s, small screen, lack of home screen customization, no widgets and the list goes on and on. Now I am 9 months into it and have gotten use to the phone but i still don’t like it. I updated to ios8 yesterday, and it made it about 2% better but it’s just a big bowl of yuck. Not to mention i’ts the 16GB version. (had to delete all pictures and podcast so I had the required 5.8GB for the upgrade)
    So my corporate office calls and said they have a promotion through Verizon to upgrade my phone to a 6 or 6 plus. I asked for the Galaxy S5 or M8, but they said it’s only an Apple thing. So it looks like I am stuck on ios until I change jobs.
    I will say there have been some positives with the hardware. The battery has been awesome, no lag on anything I’ve done, but I do miss a lot about Android.

    1. People change jobs for lesser reasons :-)
      You have my sympathy, my friend.

  20. Had a good laugh this week reading the biased (mostly American) reviews of the new iphone. The most over-hyped mid-range phablets ever! Like 1GB of RAM, seriously? No kidding apps crash under load.

    I’m guessing most American journalists are Mac users and will buy anything from Apple. Waiting for Android L to set the bar even higher (and give more things for Apple to copy). LOL!

    1. Did u see the first iDiot that drop his phone while trying hard to take it out of the box

  21. Smart smartphone users with the sense of quality, high user experience expectation can understand what ios 8 and iphone 6 brings to the customers. It is all about very high expectation of seamless smartphone user experience ire-respective of whether you are American or Canadian or European or Asian or Russian or whoever you may be.

  22. Has anyone checked their guide? There’s 0 questions on the forum. Zero, zilch, nothing. I wonder…

  23. LMFAO Apple must be desperate. Hell no i wouldn’t never switch Android to the greedy iTurds. Still love my XPERIA Z1

  24. I can hardly wait to read the section on how to install my clock, weather, PowerAmp and Battery Doctor widgets on my home screen. The next big section is Tasker and then Nova Launcher.

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