Sony unveils the Smartwatch 3 with Android Wear


Sony has been making smartwatches before smartwatches were even a thing. That’s why they can call their new wearable the Smartwatch 3. This is Sony’s first smartwatch to run Android Wear. We were expecting to see a lot of new Android Wear devices from IFA, but Sony was not on the radar.┬áBack in March they said they were not interested in Android Wear, and would continue investing in their own platform.

The Smartwatch 3 has a 1.2GHz quad-core processor, 1.6-inch display, IP68 waterproofing, 4GB of storage, 512MB of memory, NFC, and a 420mAh battery. Sony claims the battery can last two full days with use, and up to four days on standby. If the battery claims are true that would be a big win for Sony over current Android Wear devices.

Sony has tried smartwatches before. Could the Smartwatch 3 be their first big success? What do you think about this smartwatch compared to the offerings from Motorola, LG, and Samsung?

Smartwatch 3

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  • improvius

    No. This looks like a toy. Something you’d get out of a gumball machine.

  • King_James_The_Wicked

    Pass… Looks cheap

  • unashamedgeek

    The one feature I like is that one site says it has built-in GPS. I don’t care for the look of it, but I’m going to be looking for anything I buy to have GPS built-in so I can use it without my phone in my pocket.

  • Kyt44

    What about the price ?

  • J Cav the Great

    If the price is right..I like the simplistic minimal approach..Its not a Rolex folks or a MK or Citizen watch guys c’mon

  • snapper.fishes

    Damn that’s ugly

  • Marc Spector

    I want it for the fitness aspects, so minimal looks are fine by me. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve caught the edge of my SW2 on a corner. Raised profile watches don’t do so well with me.

  • Chimphappyhour

    Wow! Glad I got the SW2, this looks horrible.

  • Anfronie

    how much do they cost?

  • hemipw54

    Huh, what is funny is that most people do without wristwatches because they are not needed anymore with a cellphone (can check time with phone), hard sell there folks.

    • steveb944

      Watches aren’t really used for time now, it’s a luxury piece, hence Moto calling theirs a modern timepiece.

  • toomuchgame441

    I think it looks ok… sheesh… I’d get in white or black… make it $150 and I’m sold.

  • Fuzzypaw

    This thing is so cheap and ugly looking it’d have to be $50 or less to even warrant looking at. I guess if all you want is something you don’t care about getting icky while you exercise.

    • Joshua Hill

      Rumoured to have a GPS sensor, the 1st smart watch with one. This will matter a lot to people who actually use this for exercise which is presumably who its marketed at. This product is all about functionality not how big of a douche you look while wearing your moto 360!

  • SuperFlyBriBri

    I think that this markets itself more to the exercise community. I could not understand the people that were so interested in the idea of the Moto360 coming with a heart rate sensor. I personally would just not want to make any of the nicer smart watches dirty by running and sweating with it on. I almost take off my Pebble watch when I am doing any activities or work around the house.

  • solidpig

    I like it. Not in the same way that I like the Moto 360. That one is more of a sporty luxurious looking watch; this one is more playful with the several coloured bands. I have a few watches in my collection (no smartwatches, yet) and I have watches to fit different occasions. I can see this happening with smartwatches as well.

  • Michael Bertolino

    This watch is faster than my iPhone… smh

  • NexusMan

    Well, that was a quick change of heart. Looks like someone spoke too damn soon.

    • Giles Peach

      True.Letting google to the lions share of the development saves Sony a lot in R&D. Their over heads are massive, so it make sense.

  • Dwight

    Quad core on a smart watch seems like overkill…

  • Delmar

    I’m loving the smart watch 2 hopefully this is an improvement

  • Joshua Hill

    Need more info! Apart from the android wear announcement there is nothing to go on in this article.

  • samagon

    To everyone who finds the design bad, it’s Nike. Nike produces sports gear. This is a sports watch. This is something unassuming you can put on and go for a jog around the park without feeling bad about it getting all sweaty and gunky.

    Of all the other smart watches I’ve seen, none of them are something I would want on my wrist when I am interval training, or bicycling, or anything really sports related.

    This though, it is designed like it is meant to be part of sports apparel. A damn sight better than most of the sports watches on the market, and it will have many more functions than any other sports watch on the market.

    I spent $150 on a watch with a heart rate monitor, so I’m willing to spend, but not too much. If the price is right, I’ll gladly replace that heart rate monitor watch I have been wearing on my workouts, and will probably end up wearing it more often than that.

  • mjayace

    Does it have a heart rate monitor built in? that is when these take off (when they can get that right). People (especially younger ones) abandoned watches quite a bit b/c of the smartphone, I don’t see them wanting duplication unless it can really enhance something. for exercise enthusiasts like myself who HATE the chest band, the smartwatch that accurately measures calories via heartrate, etc is the Holy Grail of smartwatches. There is a still a market for watches (luxury) and for working/fitness when you don’t want to be messing with your phone every five seconds.

  • steveb944

    Sony, you have my attention for a beat up watch for work.