Adam Levine wants to burn an iPhone [VIDEO]

While Samsung was unveiling the Galaxy Note 4, Note Edge, and Gear VR in Berlin they were holding another event in New York. At this event they talked more about their exclusive services. Samsung invited Maroon 5’s Adam Levine and James Valentine on stage to talk about Milk Music’s “Artist Den” curation service, but that’s not what got the crowd laughing.

Adam Levine was “super fired up” about their partnership with Samsung. To show his solidarity he invited everyone to a “ceremonial iPhone burning” after the event. Samsung is starting to break into celebrity culture almost as much as the iPhone. Many people idolize celebrities, and if Maroon 5 uses Samsung device it will surely convince some of their fans to jump on the wagon.

Just don’t let us catch you using an iPhone, Adam.

Levine iPhone

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  • William D.

    Hope he brings a respirator for those fumes.

  • su2lly

    3 funny facts about Adam. 1. He was born rich 2. He’s better looking than anybody reading this. 3. In that 1 minute and 46 seconds, he made more money than I’ll make over the next two years.

    • DurteeDee

      1.Good for him,
      2.Nope , I am much more attractive, and every person here with self confidence will feel the same way.
      3 see number 1, doesn’t stop his music from getting worst every year.

      • su2lly

        1. Good for you for wishing others well.
        2. Every person here will think YOU’RE much more attractive???
        3. I wouldn’t know about that because all I hear is the same 3 songs from him/them over and over again.
        Of course I’m joking with these. I’m sure everyone’s mother has told them how handsome they are. No need to take offense.

        • DurteeDee

          None taken

  • Jason Yuen

    Now that you got that off your chest, you feel better?

  • drorez

    Sure! people will do and say anything for money. What a tool.

    • Christopher Robert

      maybe he was using the iPhone for money. Apple has been known along with Samsung to to pay celebrities to use their products.

      • jubeldum

        Maybe he’s burning the iPhone so he van get a invitation for a One+1 Note 4?

    • Phaz0n

      Judging from the iPhone he’s holding, this picture is old. Maybe he’s moved on since those dark days?

    • ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

      That looks like a really old iPhone 3G. People don’t have phones for 6 years or so usually.

  • King_James_The_Wicked

    burn burn burn…

  • Joshwa1

    Funny thing he’s one of the artist promoting the iTunes festival in London.

  • IVHorseMen

    Money talks?

  • Durandal_1707

    Coming soon…

    “Somebody get a Febreeze or something”

  • Dagmar Schneitz

    This article is right on in celebs being used to promote smartphone products. Remember Ellen’s stunt at the Oscars?