ASUS to undercut competition with sub-$199 price point for ZenWatch Android Wear smart watch

asus zenwatch

ASUS is often a brand you can count on to deliver lower prices while still offering a good deal of quality. They could be looking to continue that trend with their Android Wear-based ZenWatch smart watch. CEO Jerry Shen confirmed to FocusTaiwan that the company would be looking to target a price tag beneath $199. This would effectively make it the cheapest Android Wear smart watch on the market as the cheapest available right now is Samsung’s Gear Live ($200).

Unfortunately we don’t know much else about the device, though Shen mentioned you could use it by itself or with an Android phone if you so choose. We’re not sure if that’s a tip to possible 3G radios, but the CEO did make it a point to mention that the device would enable the user with more features when paired.

Beyond that, what we’re to see once ASUS takes to Berlin tomorrow is still up in the air. We know the smart watch most certainly won’t be circular if their latest teasers are anything to go by, though whether or not that’ll matter more than its attractive price tag remains to be seen. We’ll be a lot more knowledgeable at some point tomorrow.

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  • domatau

    Offer better features than the competition and ppl won’t mind paying the same price as a samsung or lg

  • godisafairytale

    ” ASUS is often a brand you can count on to deliver lower prices while still offering a good deal of quality.”
    Um, their motherboards are the most expensive on the market.

    • KOLIO

      “ASUS’ motherboards are the most expensive on the market.”

      Can’t say I saw those last time I checked out the Google Play Store/Best Buy or, heard of anyone else in the market for such.

    • Tony Lai

      Their motherboard is not the most expensive. INTEL motherboards with the similar spec to ASUS are probably the most expensive ones.

      • godisafairytale

        I guess you’re right. Well they’re in the top 2 most expensive motherboards, how’s that?

  • Tony Lai

    I like ASUS and I really think smart watch needs to be under $200.
    Hope hTC also offers something cheap with good quality.

  • steveb944

    My response to that is take my money.

    I’m sure what they’re saying is that it works without connection to the phone as a ‘dumb’ watch, not necessarily 3G radios.