T-Mobile’s Music Freedom brings unlimited listening for 6 new services today, Google Play later this year

T-Mobile Music Freedom 1

One of the most underrated perks of being a T-Mobile customer is Music Freedom. It allows customers to listen to music without having it count toward their LTE data bucket, something the other carriers effectively bill you for. If the original six services weren’t what you fancied, T-Mobile’s adding six more in today’s announcement. Here’s the full list of the latest roster additions:

  • AccuRadio
  • Black Planet
  • Grooveshark
  • Radio Paradise
  • Rdio
  • Songza

T-Mobile also acknowledged that Google Play Music All Access was  — by far — their most requested service, and that they’re on track to add it to the lineup by the end of the year. Here are the remaining six services in case you were wondering what the full list looks like:

  • iHeartRadio
  • iTunesRadio
  • Pandora
  • Rhapsody
  • Samsung Milk
  • Slacker
  • Spotify

And you can expect that list to keep on growing as T-Mobile has a dream to add every possible service they can. Go ahead and load up the tunes to start celebrating.

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  • Defenestratus

    Damnit t-mo.

    I wonder if this delay has to do with the soon-rebrand/re-working of Google Play Music.

    • spicymeatball

      What is the hold up? I love Google Play Music All Access. It is a far superior music player. I wonder if it has to do with how they distinguish between playing from your own uploaded music and the actual all access. Maybe there’s a technical change needed so those can be distinguished. It should include google music regardless but I’m sure Google doesn’t want to pay for that.

  • LightofHonor

    Hmm… no MLB radio or Tunein?

  • Picaso86

    TuneIn and I am all in!!!

  • John Wentworth

    I’m going to give T-mobile the benefit of the doubt and say that the Google Music holdup is probably due to the fact that whitelisting Google’s play music servers is probably a much bigger task, as their CDN is sure to be much bigger and more complex.

  • http://www.geordienorman.com/ George Byers

    Something doesn’t add up… Let’s look at the app.. “Accuradio” it has less than 100,000 downloads yet am app such as tunein radio with 50 million active users is still not whitelisted. Then I looked at radio paradise which appears to be a independent real online radio station… T-Mobile’s whitelisting process sure is strange, unless these companies and stations are paying them behind the scenes?

    On the note of Google play music still not being whitelisted, outside of the techworld, I really think it doesn’t get that much traction compared to Spotify.

  • http://www.greenless.com Lex Lybrand

    Is there a full list available somewhere? I listen to podcasts way more than music with my phone. Are any of the main podcast providers on their list?

  • Helgaiden

    Is it only All-Access? Or would this work for using Google play music for my streamog my own music I uploaded to Google?

    • Dwight

      We don’t know. They haven’t released it yet. Wait till the end of the year and see.

  • J Cav the Great

    I have my unlimited data plan from 2010 contract..tops out at 5GB of HSPA+ ( No LTE back then)….I use 1.5GB of browsing… 3.5 of music streaming…when my contract expires..I may just opt for either 2GB plan or 5Gb plan…Yeah T-Mobile!!!!!

  • http://twitter.com/Vanakatherock Vanakatherock

    Just tried to stream iHeart Radio via my T-Mo hotspot. Hotspot dropped down from LTE to Edge in an instant. Goodbye T-Mo.

  • Durin123

    Looks like the carriers are trying pretty hard to get people to use their data plans instead of wifi connections.

    • Dwight

      Yeah, except Verizon reminding you to connect to wifi every time you pull down your notification shade.

      It’s not in their best interests to get you to use their data instead of wifi – that just congests their network. Unless of course you are using up some of your data, which is good for them, because you might end up buying a larger plan. However this is not using their data, so I’m sure they would rather you use your wifi for your music when you’re at home.