Galaxy S5 takes Ice Bucket challenge and boldly nominates other phones to do the same [VIDEO]

It seems the Ice Bucket challenge that has been designed to raise ALS / Lou Gherig’s disease awareness doesn’t only apply to us waterproof humans — phones are beginning to go sentient and are getting in on the fun themselves. The Samsung Galaxy S5 decided to take the challenge itself. How did it fare? Well, aside from a bit of harsh chilliness afterward, it came out just fine. That’s not surprising with it being a waterproof phone, and all.

As is customary with folks participating in this movement, the Samsung Galaxy S5 challenged three other phones to do the same — namely, the iPhone 5S, the HTC One M8 and the Nokia Lumia 930. Those are three of the most popular smartphones from each major mobile operating system.

s5 als ice bucket challenge

We’re not sure if it’s by coincidence or by design that Samsung decided to challenge three phones that aren’t advertised to be waterproof, but either way it’s a pretty funny way to poke fun at your competitors. At the very least, we’re just happy Samsung isn’t above having a bit of fun in their ongoing marketing efforts. You can watch the video above, and head here to read more about the ALS Ice Bucket challenge and how you can participate to help spread awareness.

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  • Tony Lai

    Stupid sammy……
    Exploit ALS as a marketing gimmick.. sigh, typical samsung I guess.

    • danbob999

      yeah, as if the whole icebucket challenge wasn’t about marketing since day 1.
      I mean, the foundation had a brillant marketing idea to raise donations. But all those CEO, politicians and actors doing the challenge do it for marketing first. They wouldn’t have donated to the cause otherwise.

      • Joe Fedewa

        They were doing it because someone actually challenged them to. Who challenged the Galaxy S5?

        • Mark Wheeler

          Samsungs slipping profit margin :) boom!

        • danbob999

          Probably some Samsung employee…

    • Bret

      Are you implying that when Tim Cook did it, that was acceptable but it’s not okay for Samsung to do the same thing and demonstrate the value of IP67?

      • Tony Lai

        Are you comparing an actual human being to a smartphone?

        Let me explain to you how Samsung is exploiting the challenge:
        1. Using the ice bucket challenge as a baseline to advertising their phone is IP6/7.
        2. Marketing the S5 as being more superior by challenging the other 3 smartphones that are not rated water-resistant.

        • Bret

          Obviously, no. I’m not comparing a person to a phone. The point of the challenge is to raise awareness (and money) to bring a cure to ALS. Both Cook and Samsung are doing that which is a good thing. Apple, HTC, LG, Samsung…every manufacturer markets to show their product is superior based on something they are good at.

          • Tony Lai

            Right, the challenge should raise awareness to the cure of ALS, NOT the electronics. Plus, I never mentioned it was not acceptable. I only said it was a market gimmick, which is true based on your own explanation of that every manufacturer “markets” its products.

  • effApple

    if they are going to use the ALS icebucket challenge notoriety, they had better make a sizable donation to the ALS foundation!

  • shmigga

    This is awesome!

    • phinn

      Not a fan of the Galaxy line, can’t stand Touchwiz and how big they’ve gotten, but yea this video is awesome. A good challenge for more phone to think about IP67.

      • WhoaManWtF

        I am a big time non samsung person myself but I have a GS5 that I picked up a couple days ago planning on resale cause I got a good deal and I might just keep it… Great phone so far.

  • Mark Wheeler

    Meh, I’ve never said ” gee I wish my phone was waterproof! ” I haven’t lost a phone to water damage since the flip phone era because I don’t take my phone around the water because odds are if I’m swimming, doing dishes or on the toilet texts, emails and phone calls can wait til I’m done.

  • addicuss

    I couldnt tell what the hell that s5 was trying to say with that shitty voice samsung loads. Wish they had just used the google tts

  • Jason Yeaman

    Samsung looking to snag cash off the backs of Folks with ALS.


  • No_Nickname90

    I don’t see anything wrong with this video. Especially because other phones are doing it as well. If a phone was nominated, they have to do the challenge and donate.

    Is it a marketing gimmick now? =.P

    • ari_free

      IP67 is a real certification and not just based on youtube videos

  • Barret

    Samsung trying to score some free advertising off the backs of a campaign to raise money for ALS. Very classy. Doesn’t someone need to nominate you to take the challenge? Who nominated the phone?? lol

  • xdigi

    Dear Samsung,

    You are disgraceful. Stay classless.

  • Elizabeth Randy

    they had better make a sizable donation to the ALS foundation!

  • Rash

    Samsung, you are not along with waterproof smartphones. I challenged you and nominate Sony (Xperia ZR, Xperia M2 Aqua – Waterproof) smartphones for your ice bucket challenge. Let me know you Samsung if you need me to provide more phones !!!

  • kippswanson

    I know it wasn’t designed for it, but I’d had my brand new Nexus 5 for less than a week when one of our kids knocked a full beer over right onto it (my beer, not theirs, LOL). I immediately turned it off of course, and a few hours later, fearing the worst, powered it back on. No problems. Not that I recommend this of course… just sayin. :-)