Google found a way to make Google Glass look much less dorky, would you buy this new design?

Google Glass moody DSC06183

While just about everyone can agree on the overall practicality or vision of Google Glass and the way it could shape the future of wearables — augmented reality, hands-free use, etc. — there’s just no denying they are a terrible eyesore. Still very much in its early prototype phase, the Google Glass Explorer Edition has been described by critiques as something out of TV sci-fi. Obvious comparisons to┬áLa Forge’s VISOR from Star Trek or Vegeta’s Scouter have been made in addition to the man privacy concerns Google Glass has raised.

Google Glass Patent new

Now, we’ve seen some of Google’s early design patents before showing a much more fashionable design, but nothing like this. The latest patent to be uncovered from the USPTO (filed back in 2012 but granted last week) shows Google once again toying with a more practical design. This time around, they’ve completely removed the thick unsightly prism arm, tucking it behind the lens and arm of the glasses.

You can see there is still an arm, only it appears to be much flatter (and more Dragon Ball Z-ish), with a camera hole on the opposite side. This gives Google Glass a much more incognito look when paired with shades or prescription lenses but still doesn’t address how it would look a la carte.

Google Glass Patent new front back

With our mobile devices and even smartwatches doubling as fashion statements, it’s clear Google can’t simply skate by with making Google Glass functional, they have to make it pretty too. Even though this is only a design patent and in no way means anything is set in stone, it does provide us a brief look into the minds at Google and how they’re already looking to change Glass for the better. What do you guys think of this design?

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  • Defenestratus

    I’d rather look dorky then get caught in these hipster specs.

    • Jordan Hotmann

      Hating on hipster things makes you a true hipster….

      • Supa_Doopa_Ghost1

        Finally someone understands the concept.

        • Durin123

          Thick-rimmed glasses? You’ve probably never considered wearing them. They’re too mainstream for me and too underground for you. I’m so underground the people who used to be my friends buried me in a mine shaft after they killed me.

      • Len Waugh

        Just wanted to point out this was said with someone who’s avatar is an android wearing stereotypical hipster garment.

        In seriousness though, I think the word is used to loosely on the internet (because we can’t see the people so we guess very badly what kind of people they are). IMHO, A hipster uses unique products to get attention… and in the case of hipster glasses, there really to mainstream to be hipster I think. I will stick to mocking the people I see riding penny-farthing bikes and not worrying about glasses.

      • epyon

        If you actually read what he wrote, he would like to first look dorky, followed by getting caught in those “hipster specs”.

    • Scrotum Repair

      Hand over your lunch money…..NERD!!

  • Anthony McKay


  • King_James_The_Wicked

    The cost is the only thing keeping me from looking like a dork. I want them… LOL

    • Brandon Miller

      Lol I’m with you.

    • retrospooty

      What cost? The $1500 is for the unreleased beta “Explorer program”. The released product is expected to be around $300 to $350.

      • Len Waugh

        I’m not doubting you, but have you a source for the cheap cost? I’ve not seen anything more then idle speculation yet anywhere I’ve looked for future cost. I know their is no announced price, but if you have something from a respected columnist or something I’d love to read it.

  • LastManStranded

    If I could have Glass with my prescription aviators…

  • knightsbore

    Lower the cost, and remove the restrictions on actually using the camera for object, facial, and image recognition.

  • aranea100

    if it was cheaper I’d buy it already.

  • arkard1

    If I could get prescription glasses and not have to worry about being banned wherever I decided to wear them, I’d be all over this.

  • DarrenSaw

    Less ‘dorky’? They look like all the geek chic crappy thick rims everyone is wearing now. Of course wearing this style 10 years ago was a license to get your head kicked in……. No, I wouldn’t buy them.

    • malcmilli

      well the fact that “everyone is wearing now.” Means it is in fact less dorky.

      • DarrenSaw

        Just because lots of sheep

        • malcmilli

          well its not just the hipster crowd, but these types of glasses are hitting fashion magazines and the such. i was just saying by definition, i believe dork meant one who was unfashionable and odd. And these are now in fashion.

        • robjackson81

          In some ways, I agree… some fashion trends must die. But it sounds a bit like you hate the development of fashion in general and just wish you could wear whatever you wore in your teens for eternity? It’s okay to evolve and revolve, man, embrace change!

    • Ryan

      When I think “10 years ago”, I think of the 90’s. When really it was 2004. Man, time flies.

  • hemipw54

    Goolroids just can’t handle that Glass is a bad idea.
    I honestly thought Glass was dead and gone for good!

  • steveb944

    Let it be an Oakley frame and I’ll be first in line.

    • Scrotum Repair

      How do you know you would be the first in line? You would have to know where that line starts……Do you?

      • steveb944

        I think if I would be standing outside the mall and ran to the Oakley store I would be first. I’m in the East coast so I’d be the first in the States pending an international launch.

        • Scrotum Repair

          But if you were on vacation when this happened?

          • steveb944

            That would be quite the conundrum.

  • Mirad77

    I’ll buy this as it looks almost identical to the one I have on now.


    Price also needs to drop below $300 for me to buy. This is a gadget and not a necessity.

    Ian B

    • Derek Ross

      Glass is still a prototype. It’s not consumer grade yet. The price will come down when it’s ready for mass adoption.

  • Jason Farrell

    Still not small enough or cheap enough, imo.

    I think I’ll just wait until “Google Glass” is an option I can add to the prescription glasses I order online from zenni or warbyparker, etc.

    [X] Google Glass w/ Android 6.0 – $50
    [X] Transitions – $20
    [X] Anti-glare – FREE
    [X] Anti-scratch – FREE

  • MK2

    Looks better.

  • LeeJS

    Guess I must be the odd weirdo out. I much prefer the sleek original design to these hideous chunky monstrosities.

    • M0nk

      Maybe I’m too old, but Henry Kissinger should sue them…