Wally is a new wallpaper app that goes hard on Material Design, gorgeous animations and all

Wally Material Design wallpaper app

Can’t remember the last time we’ve installed a wallpaper app, but newcomer Wally has definitely piqued our interest. The fun new wallpaper app features a healthy dose of Google’s Material Design elements, probably more so than any other Android app currently available in Google Play. The best part is you don’t even need to have a device running Android L to partake in this, with all the animations and color transitions working beautifully on our HTC One M8. The app pulls images from Wallbase and features:

  • Browse and save/set wallpapers
  • Filter wallpapers by time span, categories, resolution, and/or aspect ratio
  • Search by text and/or color
  • Browse random wallpapers
  • Browse your saved wallpapers

Even if you’re already using something else along the lines of Muzei, you’re going to want to give Wally a download if you want a hint of what’s to come in Android L. Wally can be downloaded for free via the Google Play link below.

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  • Dirge

    Where is the link?

  • scoter man1

    That video reminded me how I don’t like the childish look of Android L’s onscreen buttons. App looks pretty, but I’d rather just use Muzei’s built in functionality and find my own stuff.

    • guitarist5122

      look like playstation buttons to me

      • No_Nickname90

        That may change a lot of people’s views of the icons now. I never made that connection.

        Hmm… I may get a Sony background now. Maybe those lines like in the PS3.

    • setspeed

      I hated them when I first saw them, but they’ve grown on me a lot. I prefer them now!

  • Anthony McKay

    I love looking at hot babes as much as the next horny guy or lesbian, but I never understood having a hot girl as a wallpaper?

    • Dan

      Sadly I did before I had a girlfriend/wife… I guess it stems from unfulfilled sexual desires

      • Anthony McKay

        Is it hard having a girlfriend and a wife at the same time? *Tip of the fedora to you good sir*

        • Dan

          hahaha, pretty much that the gf became the wife, but now that you mention it… 0.o

    • Bobby Phoenix

      Ladies first! Just ask One+One.

    • http://twitter.com/gamercore Chris Chavez
      • Anthony McKay

        Lol I remember that. I was a stock jock with a hint of minimalist.

        • RobWild

          I’m a Stock Jock and Minimalist too. I wouldn’t go with the Hi C, but I am a kid at heart…. Thinking…. Ok, 2 Cheeseburger meal and a coke. Ditch the toy, I’ll just chew the ears off and lose it in the yard. ;)

        • No_Nickname90

          Yea. I feel a lot of people are. Though every now and then I become a themer. Though on my tablet, I’m a themer. I’m in the middle of making one now actually.

      • Dan

        hahaha I hadn’t seen that post, great stuff

  • toomuchgame441

    App looks nice, but it needs categories… just random wallpapers that I’m not interested in.

  • https://plus.google.com/108596272537415356460/posts Jason Farrell

    500 Firepaper still has me.

    • devrindare

      none app is able to close to 500 firepaper and its awesomeness.

  • ronk2010

    I thought it was funny that Chris said the app “goes hard on”