Moto X $299 back to school sale is extended through tomorrow

Motorola Moto X Boot animation DSC00738

Quick heads-up for those of you who weren’t able to get in on the latest Moto X deal that went up last week — you now have until tomorrow to grab an off-contract customized Moto X for as little as $299. That amount will get you the 16GB option. The 32GB version is going for $325, while the 64GB option runs you $375.

Those aren’t bad prices for a phone that can still hold its own to this day. Despite launching with seemingly underpowered internals for its time, the Moto X has proven that you don’t need the most expensive processor and the highest of resolutions to provide a great user experience.

The device’s value-adding features and its lack of a distracting user interface are just two of the many reasons why it’s such a hit. Of course, folks who are more concerned with getting the latest and greatest will want to wait until later this summer to see what Motorola’s planning to do for a sequel, but if you find this price too good to pass up you’ll want to take advantage right now. Head to Moto Maker to get started customizing yours.

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  • Rudy Fierro

    I’m considering getting it unlocked for T-Mobile. But I noticed it’s on Amazon for basically the same price… Is Amazon doing this for today only too or what?

  • domatau

    give us x+1

  • Dwight

    I really hope the X+1 has the same small screen of the X. I’m fine with higher resolution, but we need more good small phones.