Motorola’s Punit Soni confirms the Moto X will receive Android L (as if there was any doubt)


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We’re not sure why anyone would doubt it, but just in case there was any question Motorola would be updating the Moto X to Android L in the future, they’ve just come out and said it. In a Google+ post, Motorola’s VP of Product Management Punit Soni tells a user “Yup,” when asked if the Moto X would be updated to “Android L (5.0).” No, we’re not going to take this as confirmation of the upcoming L release’s version number, just a nice gesture by a man who has knowledge of these things.

You maybe remember about a month ago when an alleged Motorola Germany Facebook page “announced” that both the Moto X and G would receive Android L this fall. Turned out that was nothing more than a fake fan page and wasn’t operating in any official capacity. A few weeks later, a Motorola customer specialist appears to have mentioned in some correspondence with a customer that the X and G would indeed receive Android L, although that may have not been official enough for some folks.

So there you have it. The Moto X will receive Android L once it goes live sometime this fall. Of course, exactly how long it’ll take US carriers to push out the update is anyone’s guess. It’s a good thing that Motorola’s version of Android is the most toned down version offered by manufacturers, featuring a largely stock Android OS. This could mean that — as we saw with Android 4.4. KitKat — Motorola’s devices could be first out the gate (following closely behind Nexus devices, of course).

[Cachys Blog via BGR]

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  1. And this is surprising how?

    However, i would be really surprised if the Moto X reaches the following major update beyond L. Or the Moto G or E managing to reach L with their lower-specs.

    1. Yeah, I will be all like :O if the G or E gets L. I mean that alone could make them the budget Android devices to get.

      1. they already are the budget Android devices to get. Nothing else comes close for the price.

        1. Plenty come close for the price, LG comes closest in my opinion

          1. Which LG phone that’s in the price range of the G or the E comes close to their performance?

          2. The l90 the lg volt. Gets close to the g,

            The. L70 f3 f6 can go toe to toe with the e…

          3. I wouldn’t count on LG updating those devices. My wife’s LG F7, which has specs that could easily handle Kit Kat, is still on 4.1.2 just like when she bought the phone when released it was released a year ago. It’s had 1 update that was just bug fixes or something.

          4. Yes I kmow lg doesn’t update all too well with megalocked down bootloaders as well, but for the price of the devices they come close.

      2. Why would they not? They are Motorola’s best selling devices both with more up to date professors than the X and practically sick Android (even more so than the X). Besides, these are the exact customers that Motorola wants to cover to loyal customers, so short changing them seems unwise. And with Android One, Android should be already mostly prebaked for the E and G.

  2. Still lovin’ my X, so this news makes me an even happier camper….

  3. Moto X is still easily the best non-Nexus Android phone. Near stock Android, active notifications, ok google now, looking to be the first non-Nexus with L. Finally it’s not an oversized phablet like everything else now. It’s not even fair.

    1. Im a hardcore Nexus user but if Moto keeps this up and a phablet is the only Nexus phone option then I will probably shop the X+1 or whatever they are calling the next version. Buddies Moto X is still plenty snappy.

      1. Yea it could use an SoC refresh with the new one but last years is still plenty fast and excellent battery life should only get better with Project Volta.

  4. Once it goes live? Nome of the Moto X updates went live when Android did; they all had to go through manufacturer modifications and carrier modification.

    1. Yes it takes the deloper editions a whole week after the source is updated to get our updates, it isn’t too harsh of wait for moto devices this year…. we often got them before some nexus devices.

  5. If it’s going to support 5.0, it should support all 5.x versions. My Droid RAZR MAXX is still on 4.1.2, and it should support all 4.x versions. Google needs to put Android on a sensible versioning system.

    1. Is there any evidence that it doesn’t support newer versions of 4 or are you just getting shafted by Verizon?

      1. I didn’t say the Moto X doesn’t support the newer versions of 4, I said my Droid RAZR MAXX only supports up to 4.1.2, and it should support all 4.x versions. All phones should support all minor versions of a major version, and Google should make that process easier on manufacturers instead of doing a major (by name) version change in the middle of a minor (by number) version change. Google should not switch from say Ice Cream Sandwich to Jelly Bean within 4.x nor should they switch from L to M in 5.x. They’re not following sensible convention this way, and it makes it tough on manufacturers and weird on consumers and their expectations.

  6. cut the bs and give us the X+1 already

  7. I guess so but, has anyone else realized that L = 50 in roman numbering? So Android L could be a hint on the number version being 5.0 … Just saying.

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