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Happy weekend! This is a very special weekend for geeks and nerds like us. Marvel’s latest film, Guardians of the Galaxy, is in theaters everywhere. Early reviews of this new film have been extremely positive. Leave it to Marvel to make a movie about a raccoon and a tree as likable heroes. We’re big fans of Marvel movies here at Phandroid, so in order to celebrate this new one we have some wallpapers for you!

We scoured the web for some cool Guardians of the Galaxy wallpapers (they were not easy to find). Here are 4HD wallpapers that should look great on your device while standing in line for the movie. To get one of these on your phone, tablet, or even PC simply tap or click the download link underneath each image. Let us know which one is your favorite! Have you seen the new movie yet? What did you think?

Guardians Of The Galaxy by Cakes-and-Comics


Download (1920 x 1080)

Guardians of the Galaxy by Marko Manev


Download (1920 x 1080)

The Guardians


Download (2880 x 1800)

Hero Shot


Download (2048 x 2048)

Rocket & Groot

rocket groo

Download (1920 x 1053)

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  • Guest

    The last wallpaper should be titled Rocket & Groot, since Gooot’s name isn’t Groo

    • phinn

      You can only name it that if you have gRoot access to your phone.

  • StormbladeX69

    Just saw it in 3D with DBox. Excellent movie! Groot is Awesome!

    • JointhePredacons

      DBox ?

      • StormbladeX69

        The seat moves to give you more immersion.

    • Gaughranorama

      Is that the same as 4DX? I went for the first time with Guardians. Moving chair, wind, fog, smells, sprays, strobe lighting… It was a hell of a show but they were a bit too enthusiastic with the chair movements during the fist fights, added to the camera work it made it difficult to make out the action in places. Maybe we were a bit too close to the screen in the second row.

      • StormbladeX69

        Sadly it wasn’t as Gucci as the 4DX. It made my wife motion sick though. LoL