Google Search knows when and where you’re traveling, can help you find stuff to do around your hotel

Google Search update

It’s not too far a stretch to say that Google — and by extension, every one of their services — is getting smarter everyday. With all the information Google has at their disposal, whether it be what we’re searching for online, or what we +1 on Google+, this latest update shouldn’t be all that surprising (but helpful none the less).

Like the eye of Sauron, Google is now leverage their vast knowledge of everything in our Gmail inbox to help better serve us while traveling. In a new update to Google Search, the app will now know when and where you’re staying based on hotel confirmations sent to your Gmail inbox. Speaking commands like “show me restaurants around my hotel” or “give me directions to my hotel from here” can pull up relevant results without ever having to enter the physical address of where you’re staying.

It’s this kind of power that makes Google Play Services absolutely indispensable on our Android devices. Because this appears to have been a backend update, there wont be any need to update the Google Search app from the Play Store. Too bad, we know how much you love those staged rollouts. ;)

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  • Karly Johnston

    Put Edgar back on the Mobile Roar.

  • Jim Thibault

    People with “tin foil hats” will point out data mining; Yes, but for me I am not sure I want to pass up the convenience.

    • Nick V

      It’s not like we don’t know what Google is all about. You’d have to be living under a rock for the last 20 years to not have that kind of clue.

  • Caffiend

    Sorry to be WAY off topic but, is it me or is the rate of spam growing by leaps and bounds here lately. This post has been up barely 3 hours and 3/4 of the comments are spam.

  • renGek

    On maps I can see the hotel I will be staying and under the name of the hotel it shows my check in and out dates. It’s scary good because around the hotel its also showing coffee shops and specialty restaurants that I would go to because of health restrictions. And if in the future they can figure out and offer commuting options from the airport to the hotel without me doing the work then google can mine as much of my Gmail as they want.