HTC One M8 announced in pink and red for Europe

htc one m8 red

If you’re not satisfied with the current collection of colors available for the HTC One M8 a couple of new eye-popping options are coming your way. HTC has revealed the red and pink HTC One M8. The former of those two colors is actually already available, albeit as an exclusive for Verizon Wireless customers. Today’s announcement could indicate that other carriers will finally get in on the fun, though.

And for those who find themselves attracted to the traditional pink color of bubble gum, a pink version could be really nice (and could also be the most expensive Breast Cancer Awareness Month item you’ll ever carry in a few months). So when and where can you get these, then?

The red version will be exclusive to O2 folks when it comes to the UK, while the pink version will be available tomorrow, July 25th (opting to pre-order that option will net you a free Dot View case, so there’s a bit of incentive there if pink isn’t normally your style). Let’s hope these colors make their way to every corner of the globe imaginable sometime soon.

htc one m8 pink

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  • Jesse James

    Damn, my girl would absolutely love the m8 in pink.

    • Durin123

      I consider you lucky, having a girl who isn’t crazy about her damn iPhone and thinks everything else sucks.

      • Jesse James

        Yeah my girl is an htc fan and insisted on getting the m8. She asked me if it would be available on release day in red or pink and I told her no so she settled for the gunmetal.

    • Jared

      Yea that pink looks real nice, can’t wait to see it in person. It would make a great gift.

  • АлексА КривО

    My tel no connect is my eyes

  • АлексА КривО

    You my love htc!!!mu eyes connect tel.

  • Paul Barnett

    Spam seems to be breeding on these pages :-(

  • Dwight

    It’s amazing how many people you are vaguely connected to that all use this site… Even more impressive that you seem surprised every time.

  • CarsonTiffany

    It’s so piiiiiiiiity the pink one can’t be bought In my hometown.But I find a cute case for my HTC M8 on Nice.