Google Glass has been explicitly banned from Comic-Con 2014 panels

Google Glass hasn’t even hit an official consumer release (although bleeding edge tech enthusiasts can beta test it… for a price) and already the headset has hit another roadblock. Google’s smart eyewear seems to have found itself banned from one of the biggest events of the year: San Deigo Comic-Con.

Well, to be fair, the wearable has been authorized for use on the showroom floor, but in an email recently sent out to Comic-Con attendees, the Comic-Con International board is letting everyone know “Google Glasses” cannot be worn or used at any time during any of the show’s panels. This is typically where movie companies show off very confidential new trailers and it seems anywhere where camera recording is prohibited — the same goes for Google Glass whether powered on or off.

Google Glasses/Video Recorders/Camera Phones

Remember recording of footage on the screens during panels is prohibited. This includes Google Glasses. You cannot wear Google Glasses during footage viewing in any program room. If your Google Glasses are prescription, please bring a different pair to use during these times.”

It makes sense. Where, in most cases, it’s easy to spot someone recording video footage with their smartphone or camera, Google Glass is far more discrete with its always forward facing camera lens. Comic-Con recommends anyone who is planning on wearing prescription Google Glass bring an spare set of specs for the panels if they hope to see everything clearly.

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  • Derek Ross

    Smartphones and cameras are also banned from these special events at Comic Con too…Pretty much all recording devices are banned. Nothing to see here.

    • Roaduardo

      But this is Glass we’re talking about so it is a bit of a story. If Glass were just like any smartphone or camera then it wouldn’t be a unique product would it?

      • David Narada Brown

        but this ban isnt for glasses unique appeal, its for the common function it has with the other devices mentioned, the ability to record video and take pictures!

        • Roaduardo


          • InspectorGadget80

            I’m surprised that south park hadn’t make fun of google glass yet

          • Scotsman of Loch Ness

            heh. give it time. they make fun of EVERYTHING eventually

          • WhoaManWtF

            Simpsons did it!

    • BakaPenguin

      If you can have your phone on you and not use it, you should be able wear Glass and not use it. Once Glass is fully available and more people get use to it, this nonsense wont happen.

  • Jason Walker

    No surprises in this post

  • No_Nickname90

    An actual legit ban. Oh my.

  • Durin123

    I bet that the reservations about Google Glass in general will disappear very quickly when law enforcement and intelligence agencies start using it. Like Google Glass or we’ll ruin your life is what they’ll say.

  • Jared

    Go go gadget

    • InspectorGadget80

      Hey that’s my line lol

  • Roaduardo

    Initially read this elsewhere and had to come here to see if I’d find any fervent defense of Glass from the true believers. Folks that defend Glass in such a way are like animals I see at a zoo. Eating my popcorn and being fascinated at their behavior.

    • BakaPenguin


    • mcl630

      As opposed to the blind hatred towards Glass-wearers from people who haven’t bothered to learn how Glass works.

  • InspectorGadget80

    Seriously? Everyone hates google glass that much? Hell I’ll just use my phone and record every segment and trailers.

  • WhoaManWtF

    How is this news it seems like common sense… Obviously you can’t bring a head mounted video camera into these private viewing!

    • Chris Chavez

      That’s the thing, Google Glass isn’t ONLY a head mounted camera. It serves a bunch of other purposes and if you use them with a prescription, it’d be smart to bring a spare pair of specs.

  • hemipw54

    Ha, ha!

  • stygianumbra

    Why are their trailers so secret? We walk around having every aspect of our public lives and sometimes private recorded yet we can’t do the same? How about I just do it the old fashioned way like I am sure will happen there, some guy will record with a pinhole cam and nobody will know.