HTC puts their Sense keyboard up on Google Play, update now available

HTC Sense Input DSC06268

Google did it. Motorola did it. Heck, even Sony started doing it. The latest trend in Android seems to be the decoupling of many system apps offered by OEMs in their specific flavors of Android. By putting apps like the stock keyboard or launchers on Google Play, manufacturers finally have the ability to update their apps without issuing a full system update, something those of in Android circles will tell you, can take a very long time (depending on the OEM and/or carrier). By circumventing this process, OEMs can continually make their phones better by giving users access to new latest features outside of major firmware releases. Best. Idea. Ever.

Today, HTC has silently added their Sense keyboard to the Google Play Store. Listed as HTC Sense Input, the keyboard is only made available to the HTC One M7, HTC One M8, and HTC Desire series handsets, although we expect availability to open up as newer devices are released. Updated just today, the keyboard adds a few new features and fixes. Here’s the changelog:

1. Support Google extract view in landscape mode.
2. Add the prompt when adding none word into personal dictionary.
3. Show .ru/.ro/.nl on Russian/Romanian/Dutch URL keyboard.
4. Enable Handwriting manual submit mode.
5. Fix Zhuyin “ㄦ” cannot be typed issue.

To update, simply visit the Google Play Store on your HTC One or Desire device and you’ll find it waiting for you. With Android’s vast amount of solid keyboards in the Play Store, we’re not sure how many of you are still using the one that came with your phone. In any case, this is still good for the soccer mom’s that never figured out how to change their Language and Input settings.

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  • worldclassflame

    Oh no please tell me more I wants to be rich!

    • pizzamannetje

      Lol. Me too me too.

      Ontopic: i love the idea of a stock-ish android with on top of that manufacturer specific play store apps.

      If htc gets better camera’s, replaceable batteries and ip67 I’m theirs :-)

      • worldclassflame

        Lol I actually have the m8 and I agree with you about the camera, the keyboard is actually really good my second favorite, my first choice is always SwiftKey

  • No_Nickname90

    OH MY GOSH!! It doesn’t auto-add the word to your dictionary anymore!? My gosh!! I’m so happy. Now next time wipe my data, I’ll give the Sense Keyboard a try. I miss the calibration feature. It was SO perfect for my stupid fingers always mistyping. =.P

  • LastManStranded

    The sense keyboard isn’t terrible. I much prefer it over the Touchwiz keyboard on my old Samsungs. I usually go straight to Google Keyboard though. Ginger keyboard is pretty cool too.

    • Champion of the Internets

      Same here, installing Google Keyboard on my HTC phones is always the first thing I do.

    • malcmilli

      Google keyboard word bank doesn’t play nicely curse words for me

    • Steve Albright


  • Chris

    I just got an update for the HTC clock as well. No change log though

  • toomuchgame441

    Next update add a number row! I still prefer HTCs keyboard… Works nicely

  • Tony Lai

    hTC has the best zhuyin keyboard tho ahah

  • Phaz0n

    SwiftKey…that is all.