Two more HTC tablets on the way?

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We still have yet to hear much about HTC’s supposed plans to bring a Nexus Tablet soon, but rumors are already swirling that they have more planned for the pipeline. Murmurings of “T7″ and “T12″ tablets are said to be in the works by the Taiwanese company according to @evleaks.

And that’s pretty much all we know for now. The model number trend of “T” followed by a number follows the HTC Volantis / Nexus tablet’s “T1″ internal codename being thrown around. We’re not sure if the numbers themselves are hinting at anything, or if there’s any solid reason that the numbers increase by five.

We imagine HTC won’t want to return to the tablet scene with too many options of similar ilk so it wouldn’t be odd to suggest one of these could be a palm-ready 7-8 inch option while the other one stretches the it out to the traditional 10-inch mark. I’d ponder whether the numbers correlated to size, but we somehow doubt the “T1″would come with a 1-inch display.

All that said, though, we don’t really know much of anything about any of these devices at this point and it’s starting to make us antsy. We don’t care which tablet we hear about at this point — we just hope we hear something before the cows come home.

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  • alex

    As well made as their phones have been lately, I would be OK with owning one of their tablets.

    • nycebo

      Same here. HTC One M8 is the most impressive phone I’ve used since I moved to the Android ecosystem dating back to the Droid.

      • alex

        I’ve used every major operating system and brand of phone since 2010. Of all the Androids I’ve tried, the M7 and M8 were the overall best hands down. My only complaint is the camera. I’ll happily use an HTC One over any other phone right now.
        I am however, impressed with the great improvements LG has made in such a short time. Motorola also has stepped up their game.

  • Smokex365

    Now if only they would make a tablet somewhere around 12-14″, something like a android surface and I would be happy. I can’t stand these tiny 7-10″ ones.

    • No_Nickname90

      I’m imaging carrying my laptop screen around with me with those ranges. I don’t think I’m ready for something like that.

    • 4beaches

      I see HP is supposed to come out with a 16″ tablet. Is that big enough? Im interested too

  • blest

    I think I would buy one if it was like the M8.

  • No_Nickname90

    Fudge!! I can’t wait until Christmas time. I’m thinking about building my own PC, keeping my current 3 year old laptop until it dies, and getting a 10-inch tablet. It’s going to work out for me.

    I just need the motivation. I hope this comes to fruition. All the other tablets look boring to have. =.P
    Though the Note 10.1 does look nice.

  • Scott Stafford

    I have the Nexus 7 (v2) and am pretty happy with it. A new Nexus device or HTC’s own line of tablets will be welcomed and very hard to resist.

  • Dwight

    T1 = HTC smart watch? We can dream..