You can create Google Now reminders from’s desktop site

google now reminders from google

Google’s added a quick new feature to their desktop and mobile website that should make life easier for those who rely on Google Now reminders. You can now set reminders right from within Google Search with a simple search query.

Typing something like “remind me to go grocery shopping” or “remind me to get pizza when I’m in New York” will not return typical Google results — you’ll see a box that allows you to set a reminder for a certain time or when you reach a certain location.

When that time comes or when you do mosey over to that place, you’ll get a nice reminder through Google Now either on your phone, your tablet, your Android Wear smart watch or your Chrome-equipped PC. It’s small, but it’s nice for folks who can’t bring themselves to speak commands (like in an office environment) or if you don’t want to do too much typing on small displays. Give it a shot over at Google.

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  • TheScientists

    Q, this has been available for months. I do this all the time (have been for several months). In fact, I believe Phandroid wrote about this months ago.

  • Jason E Perkins

    I’ve been doing this for a few months now.

    • New_Guy777

      Right there with you…ever since Google Now started getting integrated into Chrome, I’ve always assumed that would work, and it always has!

      • No_Nickname90

        I wished I would have tried. =.[

    • Scott Breitbach

      Update headline:

      “Reminder: You can create Google Now reminders from’s desktop site”

  • WORPspeed

    Never knew this was possible, but then again, never gave the possibility any thought.
    Thanks for mentioning it now!

  • Paul_Werner

    Welcome to the party Phandroid

    • Jason Farrell


  • Unorthodox

    Who needs a reminder to get dressed?

    • No_Nickname90

      I once left the house in some shorts for work. I forgot to change into proper clothes. I had to drive all the way back. It was just a 10 minute drive and I was only late like 5 minutes anyways, but sometimes our lives are just too busy.

      Even though that was like a one time thing. I was putting 25 hours in a 24 hour day that day.

      • Unorthodox

        Funny. But the guy on the screenshot obviously has much healthier life style, if he needs a reminder to get dressed at 10:00am LOL

    • Haggie

      It is possible to forget one’s pants…

      • Bryan O’Connor

        they had to post it so they could copy Android Central. Copycats.

  • Jason Farrell

    Pretty cool. Too bad it doesn’t let you set a reminder less than 31 minutes away, though.

    error: “Too close to the current time”

  • curiousfox

    Who’s the idiot who wrote this article, this is old old news!

  • JapioF

    It only works (or so it seems) on the English/UK versions of Google. On either the dutch or german version, I get the search results. Bummer