Is this the Moto X+1 running Android L?


A mysterious Motorola device wrapped in masking tape and running Android L has us wondering if we are again catching an early glimpse of the rumored Moto X+1. The phone looks to have a larger display than both the original Moto X as well as the Nexus 5 and, in this case, was running on Verizon’s network.

The handset comes to us by way of the above video from TK Tech News. Unfortunately, the video doesn’t contain any actual live footage of the phone. Rather, we merely glimpse images of the device throughout. What we can gather is that the phone indeed features a display in excess of 5 inches (this matches previous X+1 rumors) and runs, at least during this phase of testing, a stock build of the unreleased Android L platform update.

Few other identifying features are detailed, leaving open the possibility that the phone may actually be one of Verizon’s three incoming Droid devices. Those phones are likely updates to last year’s Droid Ultra, Droid Maxx, and Droid Mini. If Moto and Verizon follow the same pattern as in previous years, we could see the new Droids launch around September, which would line up with the timing of this leak.

There remains the distinct possibility that we are indeed looking at Verizon’s version of the Moto X+1, however. The lack of live video and the masking tape also leave open the door for a hoax, but TK thinks the device is legit and plans on grabbing some hands-on video in the coming days.

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  • jnt

    So… a Verizon retail guy told me the other day… (insert grain of salt here)…

    He told me that they’re close to releasing the next Droid lineup and it’s going to combine the Maxx/Ultra into one “in between” type of device, alongside another mini-sized Droid.

    For what it’s worth he did know his stuff in other areas, quite impressively. But who the heck knows…

    • Robb Nunya

      You’re right to insert salt grains. I have a rule: If a phone store guy tells me anything at all, I disbelieve it until proven wrong. I’m batting .1000 so far!

      • mgamerz

        So you’re wrong 90% of the time?

    • vzwuser76

      There is no device in between the Droid Maxx and Ultra. The only differences between the two is larger battery and storage (Maxx) and glossy back and thinner (Ultra). The reason the Maxx is thicker is because of the battery, so all I could figure is a Droid Maxx with a glossy back and 16GB of storage. They would do well to just drop the Ultra, the difference in thickness is really too minimal to warrant a separate model.

      • jnt

        Agreed. If he was right, it could be something thinner than the Maxx possibly, with a battery size somewhere in between the two, and hopefully 32gb of storage.

    • No_Nickname90

      I’ve just stopped listening to store employees. They don’t seem to know anything except how to sell a product. Tmo employees can tell me all about the eye motion features on the GS5 and say it’s a great camera only because it has a high MP rate. Okay, because I always have perfect lighting.

      I’m sorry. I started ranting. I’ll take your comment with the grainiest of salt.

      • jnt

        +1,000 – I probably should’ve said “insert salt rock here” :)

      • Joe Goodwin

        So let me guess, you have the m8 and your feeling a little self conscience? Next….

        • No_Nickname90

          Self conscience about what? My decision? I got the phone because the speakers are on the front and it’s heavy.

          I’m actually surprised I got it. I was so sure I was going to stay in the Galaxy lineup. LoL!!

  • Tony Lai

    Not sure why the screen looks so fake and pixelated

    • NexusPhan

      It was weird. A picture of a computer screen maybe and not the actual phone?

      • Jason

        I like your thinking. Look at the little hand icon on the top pic, but in the lower right corner. Since when did Android start using Pointers in its UI?

  • Lex Lybrand

    Looks like a Moto E based on the ugly speaker grills.

  • J Cav the Great

    Bigger than Nexus 5?……Skip….

    • NexusMan

      If it’s bigger than the Nexus 5, I HOPE it’s not the Moto X 2.

    • Wozn2

      You’ve gotta hope they’re introducing a refreshed Moto X PLUS a Moto X+1.

      That way the X+1 name would make sense, an X screen plus 1 inch.

  • dalingrin

    The screen on this device isn’t necessarily better than the Nexus 5….its called camera exposure. It also doesn’t look much bigger than the Nexus 5 because the unknown device seems to have a case on.

    • e_droid

      There’s no case, they just taped up the sides.

  • Chris Brown

    too big! moving on…

  • Joe

    Fake. Android L redesigned both Quick Settings and the dialer. This device uses the old ones with some type of skin, presumably one of the many CM Theme Engine Android L skins.

  • Mike az

    I for one am sick of exclusive, why can’t every carrier get the same phones… The Amazon phone is going to at&t I’ll be righteous le upset if the Moto X plus one gets put on Verizon exclusively…I used t mobile but if someone has sprint I want them to have it too this is becoming ridiculous… and it was utterly stupid that in the beginning the iPhone was only available to at&t for years and years… exclusivity sucks hardcore