OnePlus Two tipped by @evleaks, codename is… Lettuce? [RUMOR]

OnePlus One 64GB Sandstone Black

After a recent @evleaks tip involving a “ OnePlus One Tab” was later revealed to be nothing more than a hoax, we’re sure many of you are going to take this latest leak with an extra helping of salt. We know some of you are still eagerly awaiting your chance to pick up this year’s OnePlus One, but it appears the Chinese startup is already planning for its sequel.

It’s not much to go on, but @evleaks revealed an alleged codename for the upcoming OnePlus Two: Lettuce. According to @evleaks, the first was going by the codename Bacon and while we don’t have any information regarding specs or anything of that sort, we’re struggling to find ways OnePlus can upgrade the already stellar “flagship killer.”

Be that as it may, smartphones launches take many months of planning so it really shouldn’t come as much of a surprise that OnePlus could already be working on a sequel. It just seems odd given the current shape the OnePlus One is facing in terms of availability.


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    Confirmed! OnePlus One tab to be sold with One Plus Two phone!


    • TDN

      And you need an invite to get an invite, to get an invite, to get an invite, to get…

  • Phaz0n

    Odd indeed.

  • Tony Lai

    This OnePlus hype needs to be put into sleep. This phone is like king’s new cape lol.

    • domatau

      emperor’s new clothes?

  • Schaweet

    The first thing they need to do is make it smaller.

    • Brett

      First thing they should do is make the OnePlus One.

      • Derek Ross


      • RussianDroid

        Why settle for One when you can make Two?

    • james macy

      Maybe smaller bezels

  • xanok

    Ya…seems like bullshit.

  • Jay

    One plus three – codename Tomato

    • Ben Edwards

      Glad I’m not the only one who instantly thought that.

    • Millillion

      OnePlus Four – Mayonnaise

    • scoter man1

      I kind of thought potato would be more appropriate since that’s one oneplus is. A fricken potato.

    • Paul Gannon

      OnePlus Five – Bread

      • TDN

        Corrected, OnePlus Five is Toast :)

        • Paul Gannon

          Blast, you one plus one upped me

  • SpiltMilk

    One plus four will be the BLT

  • SpiltMilk

    Those are some big huge sexy bezels. lol

  • jnt

    Never settle… no really this time.

  • Ben Edwards

    They can upgrade it by making the screen smaller. Then it’d be perfect.

    • james macy

      No that would devastate the phone! If anything make the bezels a Lil smaller

  • RockMarz

    First one was so awesome that I’m getting the 2nd I think

    • SorinDobrin

      Lol…three thumbs up

  • SorinDobrin

    At this rate…They don’t even have to bother to release anything..It makes perfect sense

    • SorinDobrin

      …You need a One Plus One invite to be able to get a One Plus Two invite

      • eliadrin


      • ratnok

        I own a OnePlus One, and I still find that hilarious!

  • JaswinderSinghJammu

    One Plus please go away

  • JBrowne1012

    Because the first phone worked out sooooooooo well/s lol still waiting on an invite to buy the one.. If they ddo a 2nd one they need to sell it regularly no more oh let me invite you to my forum to never have a chance to buy it, their way of selling devices is by far worse than playing the lottery. I’m sure I could win $100 million dollars before I could get an invite to buy a One plus One LOL their selling form is messed up

  • Mike az

    Perhaps this will be the version they sell when they start preorders in future…. Since they are having a difficult time getting invitee out and annoying people who want to purchase them.

  • IVHorseMen

    It’s a little early to be working on a 2 when your 1 isn’t exactly out and about in mobile world market.

  • Medion

    Considering that it is generally accepted that a phone takes 18 months to develop, they would be fools to not have started on a successor. Samsung should already have a Galaxy S6 prototype and a Galaxy S7 concept started already.

  • dean clarke

    Never settle for less? Less than what? A flicking invite. … its ballux that’s what. . ..

    • TDN

      Never settle for a OnePlus One.

      • ratnok

        How sad…

  • Marsg

    Maybe it’s not a phone, maybe it’s a watch lol. BLT


    Believe it when I see it just like getting my invite, ugh!

    Ian B

  • Jcastag

    I am starting to think the One never even existed, and part of me things the company does not even exist.

  • SexyHyde

    I got my invite yesterday. Sit tight and hold on to your pants.
    The invite system has done OnePlus fine, for a startup less than a year old everyone is comparing them to the big boys. Job well done in my eyes.

    • TDN

      All the invite system has done for One Plus is annoy people and build a hype with no real substance behind it. Ending up with an overhyped phantom device that has turned many possible customers off.

      • SexyHyde

        Although I got my invite yesterday, I was saying this since the invite system revealed. This is a startups first device, the invite system has been used as a ‘choker’ on the supply, to generate demand. As a startup they don’t have the power, money or sway that the big boys have, yet they are being talked about and compared to the established players, with a comparible product. For every customer that leaves, the rant they spew on the way out seems to draw two people in.

        • TDN

          But wouldn’t a better plan be to not turn away customers and have those customers bring in two more? Take three steps forward, instead of 1 back to take 2 forward.

          • SexyHyde

            They aren’t turning anyone away. People are getting impatient thinking they are an established player rather than a pretty awesome startup. Bare in mind that OnePlus admit the invite system needs adjusting, but it’s gotten them to an awesome position in the market considering. Maybe they wouldn’t have gotten as much attention without all the invite hate.

          • KiwiBri

            cool. Hey, if you dont use your invite.. I’d appreciate it.. ;-) ;-)

          • Colts5609

            No, they are not turning folks away. But they aren’t taking orders either. Here is my analogy for OPO and their launch.

            OPO is like a really nice restaurant, that has 5 star food for McD’s prices. They tell everyone about it, hype it up. Everyone shows up on opening day, out of the thousands in attendance, they hold a lottery to see who gets to buy the first 5 meals. 5 people eat, the rest of the people either go home or continue waiting until the next few tables open up. The next time they have tables open up, the people in the front of the line don’t get served first, instead OPO makes the crowd of people, like their restaurant on FB and post a photo of themselves naked to instagram. 5 winners are chosen, 5 more people eat. The rest are left to wait it out again, most of the crowd is upset.

            Eventually people just give up and go home because it is not worth all of the hassle (yes, it has been a hassle, not just difficult, to get an invite thus far).

            I am not saying OPO did it completely wrong, I am not saying they did it right. But their system is flawed and they probably underestimated demand. Tough to say whether or not sales figures will be accurate considering how many people would have bought the OnePlus 3 months ago vs how many people will actually purchase the phone in the next 3 months.

            End rant.

      • VersedNJ

        And add to the fact it’s not really a “start up” but a division of Oppo.

    • chris_johns


  • BronzeLincolns
  • SexyHyde


    • malcmilli

      smh @ internet explorer being used

      • SexyHyde

        It’s for work purposes. Honest.

        • Lactose_the_Intolerant

          In that case: get back to work, Chris.

    • BronzeLincolns

      that’s right, i don’t believe this leak.

    • chris_johns

      i dont think anyone really cares about your terrible “phone” purchase

      • SexyHyde

        You cared enough to reply! Stop acting like you don’t want the phone, why else are you reading articles about it, the comments associated with said article and also replying? At best I’d say very poor trolling

  • TDN

    I realize that companies need to always be thinking ahead, but isn’t it a bit early to be tipping a sequel to a device that doesn’t even have an official street date?

    • SexyHyde

      Not if you realise how these things work. I’m guessing OnePlus will try to get hype for the Two for all the people that have jumped ship early with frustration at the invite system.

  • Bob

    Oneplus just could be the worst company ever. Poor quality product, poorer customer service . I can’t wait to hear about another crappy phone that no one can buy.

  • daniel

    B.L.T + coffee

  • Brad Olmstead

    My One is arriving today and I couldn’t be more excited about it. All the waiting is finally paying off.

  • Scott Zahlmann

    They should change their slogan to never give up, you will eventually get the one, or the two, or the three.

  • LeeArtis

    OnePlus Six= Seven

  • Patrick Smith

    I seems to me that they should be focusing on getting more than 10k units out the door for the previous generation than even looking at the next… Maybe this is all just rumor mill. BLT is a cute naming convention.

    Still hoping for a 64GB invite before the end of August otherwise I’ll just wait a little longer for the Z3 :-(

  • T_Dizzle

    I love Verizon’s coverage but I can’t wait for my contract to end so that I can have a sweet phone like this!

  • ratnok

    evleaks is a fool.

  • chris_johns

    lol people still care about this pho..phablet? lollll what aa fail

  • chris_johns

    maybe they finally realized one plus one equals 2?

  • Joshua Simpson

    My One is on it’s way to me currently. : )))

  • Dean Politis

    Hopefully, the screen won’t have yellow banding.