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oooooh yeah
oooooh yeah

One could make a serious argument that the Moto 360 is the most highly anticipated Android device in the last couple of years. Every time a new photo or video of the device is revealed there is a rush to get a glimpse of it. We’ve seen the Moto 360 in almost every angle imaginable, and even got our own hands-on with it, but still we thirst for more. Thankfully Motorola is happy to oblige.

To keep the hype going they have released another video about the Moto 360. The video doesn’t show us anything new, but we get a few glimpses of the watch, watch bands, and leather. Lior Ron, the product lead, talks yet again about what inspired Motorola to create a round smartwatch. Spoiler alert: they were inspired by watches to make a watch. He also talks about how the round shape is more comfortable, which could end up being a big selling point. If you’re still reading this you can feast your eyes on the video below.

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