LG KizON is an Android watch for kids

Samsung and LG are the only manufacturers with Android Wear watches on the market and both continue to forge ahead in the wearable space. While the Gear Live has received an update that brings “Call a car” support from Lyft, the latter has announced a watch aimed at parents whose entire concept seems to be “Call my kid”. Don’t get confused: the watch is designed for children to wear but since it’s targeting the pre-school and primary school children, parents are the real customers.


The idea is somewhat cute, but look at the size of those things- you might as well strap helmets with security cameras on their head! I’m not a parent so probably not the best judge, and I assume these kids are on the younger side of the age range, but given the device’s limited capabilities I would expect something much more form fitting.

The LG Kizon’s primary features are based around keeping a close eye on your tikes no matter the distance.  For starters, it tracks and reports location via GPS and WiFi (with companion app), pinging parents with location updates throughout the day. The watch has only one button and pressing it will call a specific parent’s number that is pre-configured (and updatable) through the companion app on an Android phone or tablet.

It works the other way, too. Parents can call their child directly, and if they don’t answer within 10-seconds the watch will accept the call automatically, letting them listen in on whatever’s happening. Watch out, reckless babysitters!

One thing LG seems to have done right is give the LG Kizon a playful look that I’m sure kids will enjoy. “Time to put your KizON,” sounds so much better than, “Take off that leash and strap on your location tracker, Suzie!” I wouldn’t have opted for the KizON spelling, but it doesn’t look like these kids know the alphabet yet anyways.


LG Kizon specs include:

  • 64MB RAM
  • 125MB RAM
  • 400 mAh battery (36 hours life)
  • Battery alerts at 25% left
  • 2G/3G Network
  • Comes in Blue, Pink, and Green

Parents clearly won’t be buying the LG Kizon for specs, but instead for the safety and assurance it provides their family while keeping the kids happy. So parents out there… is this something you’d consider getting for your little rascals?

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  • http://www.itechtriad.com Ben Schoon

    64GB RAM???

  • http://MediaMongrel.net Shagatron

    64 gigs of RAM? Glad to see they’re taking this device seriously.

  • http://about.me/syamanthsays Syamanth Sreejith

    64 gigabytes of RAM for kids? I want that to be a misspell, please…

  • robjackson81

    Sorry for the typo… 64GB is for the rumored KizOH$4!T companion tablet running Tegra 27 Wolverine. The KizON has 64MB RAM. Article updated to reflect true specs. Thank you.

    • Jay

      Haha well played Rob

  • hemipw54

    What’s up Doc?

  • ari_free

    KizON! Apply directly to the forehead. KizON! Apply directly to the forehead. KizON! Apply directly to the forehead. KizON! Available at Walgreens.

  • dean clarke

    Who’s going to wear the green one oh ok hulk yes it’s yours. ….

  • Zack Zen

    Old : Whitout screen

    New modèl for adult iWatch, Smart Watch, With fantastic color !!!

  • http://www.androidanthem.com/ BaldyPal

    I like this idea. I got two kids. Since they are usually playing together with friends, one would be enough. Price? Can’t wait to see the price.

  • Dan

    reminds me of this

  • Shannon

    We currently have a Filip and it’s been a disaster on battery, durability and has an open wrist band that stretches out and falls off easily. Generally not well designed at all and support will pick up the phone but getting an actual resolution is difficult, if you get one at all. I’m glad to see another option coming.

  • JonnyPo

    Stop trolling bitch. Get a life!!

  • Kwanrawee Borwonpratheep

    I think it’s very good idea and I want to get it one for my kid. Where I can find ?