Rumor: Nokia to release Android-powered Lumia handset


When Nokia broke its firm stance on never creating an Android device with the release of the Nokia X, the hearts of Android fans everywhere stirred slightly. While the budget friendly X was itself nothing quite worthy of writing home about, the release seemingly left open the possibility that we could see a truly great Nokia device running Google’s mobile OS. Nokia, naturally, fervently denied that they would be deploying anything but the Windows Phone platform on any of their flagship devices. Will the Microsoft-owned company backtrack on this position, as well?

According to the internet’s favorite leak sleuth, yes. With no corroborating evidence, the claim is that Nokia/Microsoft Mobile will release a Lumia device (the branding typically reserved for Nokia’s high-end flagship devices) running Android. What a complete 360 that would be.

Now, we know next to nothing about the project, which means we should put very little faith in this particular rumor for the time being. If the device is indeed real it raises many questions. Will Nokia/Microsoft continue to employ the heavily modified version of Android found on the Nokia X line? How will the phone be distinguished from its Windows Phone counterparts?

One thing is certain: if the phone were to come to fruition we have reason to believe it could be the closest thing to the Nokia Android smartphone we have long hoped for. While the implementation of the OS could be questionable, it would be hard to deny Nokia’s penchant for producing smartly designed, well-built handsets. And that’s something Android fans everywhere have been lusting after almost as long as the operating system has existed.

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  • mikeclee

    I would love an Android phone that had the same camera as the Lumia 1020!

  • blest

    Complete 180*

    • Abhijeet Mishra

      Reminds me of a scene from Seinfeld, hah.

  • Steven Gebhardt

    360! YES!

  • mfalber

    It’s a good thing when your heart stirs, not a bad thing. ;)

  • KingSalman

    Shut up and take my money!

  • erikiksaz

    This is like a “you’re welcome” with a middle finger coming from Elop.

  • Rohit Chauhan

    God no! Please don’t kill Windows phone Microsoft. Just work on smoothening it more…

  • Martin Lane

    Interesting, hopefully they will improve the design of the phone as well.

  • Colts5609

    If it runs a mostly stock OS, like the Moto X, I will be definitely be interested. If it is anything like the poo popsicle that is the Nokia X, may Nokia burn in hell. No one is interested in a horribly customized, ugly Android OS, we have plenty of that already, we want quality hardware and a good price.

    • chuckles87

      Custom roms

  • LeeArtis

    Look out HTC

  • Ajmcnicol

    No matter the specs, I highly doubt it will be google play certified so no play store.

  • Dr. Mark Lipschitz

    Microsoft should just throw in the towel and join the Android forkathon.

  • TheAtheistReverend

    The “complete 360″ thing makes me want to chew my own ear off.

  • Plast0000

    tom warren said that this rumor is fake including the lumia 830 render

  • chuckles87

    Sounds like she is a whore