HTC finally turns a profit in fiscal Q2 2014

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For the first time in about a year HTC has finally been able to announce that they’ve turned a profit in a quarter. It’s a result they expected after shifting their focus to mid-range smartphones and releasing the HTC One M8 back in April.

The full numbers are as follows:

  • Revenue: $2.15 billion before¬†taxes
  • Profit: $75 million before taxes

That’s nothing that’s going to make a boardroom jump for joy, but we’re sure they’ll be happy to get good news and a quarter in the black after a long streak of doom and gloom (they lost $64 million last quarter).

It will take a more pointed approach for HTC going forward to make sure they don’t fizzle out before year’s end. Namely, the company’s efforts to bring more mid-range and entry-level options back to key markets in Europe and North America will have to step up in a big way.

They’ve already made other changes necessary to sustain growth, such as deciding not to waste another $1 billion on a failed marketing campaign and selling off their portion of the Beats business, but more has to be done and HTC knows it. For now, they’re probably flicking a great deal of sweat off their foreheads with high hopes that their new strategy will help them regain solid footing in the months and years to come.

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  • Foramex

    I would’ve opened the article like this:
    “Ladies and Gentlemen, the unbelievable, the in-conceivable has happened”

    • ari_free

  • Andork

    Good job HTC! Hopefully they can make a splash in the smartwatch sector too.

  • Thomas Jefferson II

    If they’re really making the next Nexus tab, hopefully that’ll help, too.

  • Vanakatherock

    Conflatulations, HTC.

  • bblande

    Well deserved! Love my HTC One M7. Congratulations, HTC!