Hangouts’ hidden Google Voice integration shown in screenshot and on video

Google Voice Hangouts

After the iOS version of Hangouts recently received the ability to make Google Voice calls over WiFi or cellular data, we had a good feeling similar functionality would soon arrive for the Android version. But even after hints of GV integration was initially found in Hangouts’ code many moons ago, here we are, countless updates later, and not a peep from Google about introducing any such functionality in Hangouts for Android.

Just as we were about to give up hope (or forget about it altogether), a crafty user on Reddit discovered an interesting prompt hidden inside Hangouts: Google Voice migration. While not quite live yet, the prompt can only be seen after enabling “All butter bars” in the Hangouts debugging menu. After being presented with the usual “butter bars” the “Migrate Google Voice to Hangouts” prompt suddenly appears, with the description reading, “Receive voicemail and send text messages in Hangouts.” Sweet, geebus.

Although it doesn’t appear the option to make VoIP calls using your Google Voice number is making the cut, Google Voice users have been screaming for Hangouts integration of any sort since last year’s overhaul. Guess all we can do now is continue to wait around for Google to make things official… some day. At the very least, let’s hope we get some of iOS’ other exclusive features like video messaging.

Video proof of the perpetually upcoming feature can be found via the YouTube video below.

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  • Joe Filip

    So need this… with the awesome, although Sense ridden M8, I need the voice integration in order to make my phone easily usable again… now if they can just do like the google dialer and not show me the damn mountain view numbers in my call history

  • techlte

    By “recently received” you mean Q4 ’13.. This functionality is far overdue on Android.

  • smithj33

    Even Google respects iOS more than Android.

    • Chris Chavez

      It sounds like there’s something going on behind the scenes that is preventing them from introducing the feature on Android.

      Not only that, Google’s weakness has always been the fact that they have very different teams on different release schedules working on their different services.

      Guess the Hangouts iOS team has it easier, only having to target a limited number of devices.

      • SantaClausless

        The iOS team is probably full of ex-Apple employees who knows iOS really well.

  • sirrx7

    It’s frustrating that when it comes to Google voice, IOS users get the better implementation while actual Google users are left out in the cold.

  • saynotopunx


  • phinn

    The lack of any progress with Hangouts (including it’s terrible name), including Project Babel was the biggest disappointment of Google I/O. I know Google’s done that separately lately, but was still hoping.

  • Damo Conti

    How do you get developer options in hangouts