Google shuts down QuickOffice, updates Drive, Docs, Sheets, and Slides with Material-ish design and new features

Google Docs Sheets Slides update

Earlier today, Google announced that they’d officially be closing the door on QuickOffice and in a round of updates that began last night, the entire Google Drive suite of apps is seeing an update on the Google Play Store to version (yes, all of them). The update introduces new features to help fill the void left by QuickOffice’s soon departure, as well as compatibility with Android L and Google’s all new Material design interface.

The apps now have a floating “create” circle button not unlike the one found on the Google+ app, color coded to fit the specific color theme of the app. Following closure of QuickOffice, the there’s new compatibility with files from Microsoft’s Office suite as well. Docs can now create and edit Word docs, Sheets can create and edit Excel — you get the picture. There’s also an in-app Help menu which should make things speedier when looking for, well, help.

The updates are rolling out right now on Google Play with download links for easy updating provided below.

Download/update on Google Play: Google Drive | Google Docs | Google Sheets | Google Slides

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  • Medion

    So we lose PDF reading capability, or is that being added to one of the apps?

  • JaswinderSinghJammu

    What if you already have quick office downloaded? Would it still work?

    • mcl630

      If you already have it, you’ll still have it and it will work. It just won’t get any more updates.

  • Jared Meadows

    I hope this fixes my problem with docs and sheets, for some reason, ever since I upgraded to L on my N5, I get a “unknown error code during application install: -112″ error message. Is anybody else on L having this problem? It only happens with docs and sheets though. I was even able to install drive just fine.

    • Medion

      It’s a developer preview. It isn’t supposed to be a daily driver. It’s not even a beta.

    • Chris Chavez

      It does, you just have to update to the newest versions which — even though the Google Play Store might say is available — are still rolling out.

  • Keith Young

    An office app is absolutely useless (to me) without PDF capabilities!!!!

    • Matthew Merrick

      That’s what Quickoffice is for

      • Chris Chavez

        Until it’s dead.

  • tim242

    F**k 10 apps for office.

  • TDN

    I was hoping for the other way around, adding all the drive capabilities to QuickOffice instead.

    This is a bit disappointing.

    • SantaClausless

      Some overpaid project manager made that decision. So you gotta trust that it’s the right move even though that’s not what the consumers want, right?