Civilization Revolution 2 confirmed for Android

civ rev

2K Games has announced a sequel to the original Civilization Revolution game that launched for iPad, which can be considered a bad Nintendo DS port (especially compared to the PC and console counterparts). The first part of the big news is that this release is slated for Android at some point! The iOS version is due at some point next week, and 2K promises we should see it in Google Play shortly afterward.

The second piece of good news is that they have completely overhauled the game’s controls, graphics and mechanics for this release. We move from 2D to 3D scenery, and the controls have been properly adapted for mobile (the original was a lot more wonky and difficult to use).

Civilization Revolution has you taking the reigns of one of several countries. You start with nothing but a group of eager settlers, and it’s your job to take those two people from rags and poverty to riches and prosperity. You’ll do so through research and advancing new technologies, building your military, and striving toward science, economic and cultural victories through space exploration, currency and great works.

Diplomatic engagements are aplenty, too, as you’ll be trading, waging war, negotiating peace and more with all of the civilizations around you. It’s a wonderful turn-based strategy game that should be on everyone’s radar, so stay tuned for a release date and more information as we barrel toward release. Need a quick idea of what Civilization is like? Gameplay from the original console and PC version of Civilization Revolution can be found sitting above.

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  • arrigob

    This just made my year! I almost went back to IOS just to be able to play the first version.

    • Durin123

      If you go back to iOS from Android just for a game… You’re gonna have a bad time.

  • Don_SoLow

    The first Civ Rev was amazing on consoles, but I have my doubts about playing it on mobile… This screams micro transaction nightmare.

    • MK2

      I’m worried about freemium as well. If they do it like Samurai Seige, where it just speeds up build time, then I’m good. If it’s required in order to overcome difficulty, then I’ll likely pass.

  • Christopher Robert

    I hate “SHORTLY AFTER” what does that even mean?..I hope its not a year.

  • arkard1

    If they give you the whole game like they did for xcom I’ll be all over this! I’ll pay 20,maybe 30!

  • aranea100

    I would probably buy it if it doesn’t take them more than 2 weeks to release on android. Or else I’ll consider them as taking android not seriously and won’t spend a dime.

    • Durin123

      Two weeks might be a bit harsh. There are a lot of devices to make it work on in regards to Android.

      • aranea100

        There are apps that are first released on Android. So it’s not impossible if they consider android on par with ios. If not then they don’t deserve my money. As they say people vote with their wallets.

  • robjackson81

    Civilization has to be one of my top 5 game franchises of all time. Kind of excited… not gonna lie.

  • geminiY

    The first one was awful, I have very low expectations for this… they are just stealing loyal Civ fans’ moneys :(

    • jackdubl

      I hope this isn’t the case. Civ was my favorite PC game ever.

  • Martin Lane

    Nice, I’ll be buying this one on release.