New Glassware comes to Google Glass: Shazam, MusiXmatch, and Zombies Run!

Google Glass Glassware Shazam Zombies Run MusiXmatch

Earlier today, we saw Google Glass availability open up for our Android friends across the pond and with that, came the addition of some new Glassware. For its introduction in the UK, the wearable headset saw Shazam added to the Glassware Store, an app that allows the users to tag music playing in the real world. While this was initially made exclusive to Glass users overseas, Shazam is now officially available for Glass wearers in the US as well. But that’s not all…

The Kickstarter hit “Zombies, Run!” is also available for Google Glass. You may remember us featuring Zombies Run as one of our favorite fitness apps for Android to help get you back in shape after the holidays. An audio adventure co-created with award-winning novelist Naomi Alderman, Zombies Run will have you saving humanity while burning calories in process. While it debuted for Android at $8 (the app is now $4), you can save a few ducats by picking it up for free on Google Glass.

We also noticed “musiXmatch” making its Glassware debut, an app that identifies music and displays lyrics across Glass’ tiny display. You may remember the Glass Team hinting at new apps for tagging music, after this core functionality was stripped away from Glass in a recent update. While we’re expecting to see a lot of great things during this year’s Google I/O, it seems developers are preparing for the event by releasing some of their wares ahead of all the mayhem.

For Glass Explorers, you can grab all the new Glassware mentioned in this post by either visiting the MyGlass app on your Android device, or by visiting the online store here.

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  • Symbian for the win

    google glass is D.O.A app developers should not put their resources into it

    • Robabobbob

      D.O.A. because?

      • Symbian for the win

        because it wont sell , nobody wants it

        • Robabobbob

          The definition of DOA aside I disagree, I know someone who just bought one and many others who are interested. Also I want one, the only thing holding me back is the price and this is not at all likely to be the retail price when it goes into production (assuming that does happen). I don’t see glass ever being as ubiquitous as a Mobile Phone but I do think it will be very popular at the right price point. It’s a cutting edge technology that only a tiny percentage of people have tried and most of them are positive about it (albeit realistic about take-up).

          • Symbian for the win

            its overpriced ,if it wasnt then it wouldnt be D.O.A

          • Martin

            It’s not overpriced, it’s the explorer program. It’s expected to fall around $300 once it’ll be actually released.

    • Chris Chavez

      But it hasn’t even arrived yet. Do you mean dead before arrival? Stillbirth? More importantly, WHY do you feel that way?