Jun, 20 2014

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Rawr. Happy weekend, it’s time for more wallpaper! This week we have a Earth’s biggest and mightiest creatures on display: dinosaurs. Every little boys’ favorite animal, at some point, is a dinosaur. There is just something so cool about these giant creatures that once lived on our planet. If you still love these magnificent beast you will really love these wallpapers.

We have selected four epic (and one funny) HD wallpapers that should look great on your phone, tablet, and PC. To get one of these on your device simply tap or click the download link underneath each image. On the next page you can right-click or long-press to save the image to your device. We hope you enjoy these wallpapers as much as we do. Let us know which one is your favorite!

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Download (2560×1600)

Dawn of Dinosaurs


Download (2560×1600)

Dino Stare

dino eye

Download (2560×1600)



Download (2560×1600)

Slap Fight

dino fight

Download (2560×1600)


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