Get a Moto Stream for $25, that’s 50% off using this promo code [DEALS]

Moto Stream 1

We know, you’ve probably just finished throwing down a chunk of change for the Xtreme Guard deal we told you about earlier today. Well, it’s time to pull out the wallet yet again, as we’ve come across another crazy good deal (insert wacky inflatable arm flailing tube men gif here).

When we first told you guys about the newly released Moto Stream, we noted that while it looked rather stylish and has a few good features under the hood, ultimately its $50 price point was just a little too much for what was being offered.

Today, the folks at SlickDeals posted one helluva deal for the NFC enabled Bluetooth streaming device. How does $25 for the Moto Stream sound? That’s exactly how much you’ll be spending after entering in this promo code at checkout: PC7!3!RAK

More than a reasonable asking price for the Moto Stream, you might want to act fast. We’re not sure how long this promo will be in effect, but you can find it via the accessory’s listing below.

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  • t3chdzyn

    No longer available. You can get to the checkout page but when you checkout it says an item in your cart is no longer available.

    • Chris Chavez

      Yeah, it’s now showing as “Out of Stock.” Lame. I should have bought before I posted :/

  • Chris Chavez

    Annnnnnnnnd… it’s gone.

  • UniBroW

    I just ordered one, you can still get it you just have to go to the accessories page and add it from there

  • busman

    Just got one too. $31 with shipping and tax. Not in stock until June 24 then it ships :-)

  • Mike Kister

    Is this only monaural or am I missing something?

  • Tom Sly

    Dang, should have checked Phandroid sooner!! aargh

  • NealJ777

    Missed it by that much.