AllCast user interface adapted for the big screen in its latest update

allcast tablet ui

The latest AllCast update has just hit the Play Store, and it brings some exciting new changes that users have been dying for. The biggest change is a new tablet-optimized user interface, so you won’t have to deal with a stretched out phone interface when you’re trying to find your way around all your content.

There are some other interesting changes as well, including a feature that will automatically pause playback on an incoming call, a refined user interface for browsing and viewing photos, and more. Oh, and a staunch declaration that Hodor should be named King for 2016.

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  • Caffiend

    Now, if the AllCast receiver ever works on Chrome OS Chromebooks, this app would be perfect. Oh and, Hail Hodor!

    • New_Guy777

      Out of curiosity, why go with AllCast over, say, Avia. They’re incredibly similar, but Avia has always seemed more responsive, with tighter integration with the cloud services. Maybe it’s just me, and maybe it’s the fact that I last tried AllCast in April, but I didn’t find it that compelling.

      • Caffiend

        A couple of reasons… I had originally purchased aVia way back years ago when it first hit Android through the Google market. About a year maybe a bit less later, Amazon gave it away as their app of the day and for whatever reason updates by either market were sketchy. Almost like it was two different versions. I went with Google’s version till MxPlayer became my daily driver. After backseating aVia for a while, and through a bunch of phones, MxPlayer stuck. Then Chromecast came into the picture and I was waiting out till MxPlayer adopted Chromecast capability. Never happened, but AllCast did, and at the time it did everything I needed in a casting app. aVia pissed me off when they couldn’t make the plugin for casting part of the pro version, so in essence after trying out and paying for a few quality apps, I chose to stick with my loadout only paying for apps that that enhance what I already have as opposed to upgrading pro apps that by all rights are already paid for. That, and I’m a creature of habit. Christ, I still use Swype, ConvertDroid. Now, if MxPlayer would adopt Chromecast, screw everybody. Besides, I’ve haven’t ever had issues with other functional apps from Koush. Until AllCast that is.

        tl;dr “There’s something wrong with the house. I don’t like change!”