Android 4.4.3 reportedly coming to the Samsung Galaxy S5 and S4, rollout begins this month

Samsung Galaxy S5 DSC05763

The race is to Android 4.4.3 is on. As a good portion of Android devices have recently settled into their Android 4.4.2 updates, we watched as “stock” Android devices like the Moto X, Nexus 5, and Google Play edition devices all got a small numerical bump to 4.4.3. Now, we weren’t sure if manufacturers who use their own custom user interfaces would be jumping on the bandwagon, or if they’d possibly wait around until the next major firmware release.


According to a leaked Samsung document, it appears at least one Android OEM is planning on pushing out Android 4.4.3 to their current (and previous) flagship devices, and sooner than you might think. The leaked document, obtained by AndroidGeeks, gives us a June time frame for Android 4.4.3 on the Samsung Galaxy S5 — SM-G900F (Snapdragon) and SM-G900H (Exynos) — and July for the Samsung Galaxy S4 (LTE-A).

As always, keep in mind that these models aren’t necessarily tied down to any specific network, meaning variants in the US are still subject to the lengthy process of carrier approval. Still, the fact that Samsung is committing to bring Android 4.4.3 to their their flagships is another reason why some Android fans choose the OEM in the first place. Gotta love that software support.

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  • Toasted_Cracker

    I hope the Note 3 gets the same treatment.

    • Dwight

      Maybe in 2015. Maybe.

      • HothTron

        Better farking not take that long, the KitKat battery life issues is a PITA for note 3 users

        • Durin123

          I didn’t know Kitkat battery life issues were categorised as a type of food.

  • xjedinerdx

    Crazy the note 3 isn’t listed.

  • Wozn2

    Just in time for Android 5.0 to be announced and made available to Nexus 5 and Motorola owners…

    • Durin123

      I’m not complaining. Cyanogenmod 11.5 or 12 will probably be Android 5.0. I’m hoping that Cyanogenmod will make a ROM for the Galaxy S3 with Android 5.0 (though it’d be understandable if they didn’t).

  • ρrστhrίlls

    We only just got final 4.4.2 through my carrier 3 day ago, probably be months before we even get Android 4.4.3.

    I don’t live in America..

    • Durin123


  • Martin Lane

    What about the i9505?

  • TerriBackettnyt

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  • watson111505

    Verizon will see it 2015… Thats why I stay rooted