LG G3 release date tipped for Verizon with pre-orders opening July 10th [RUMOR]

LG G3 IMG_5371

Last week we got our first solid release date for the LG G3 in the UK, with retailer Carphone Warehouse confirming a July 1st release date. Today, the world renowned @evleaks could have gotten his hands on a US launch, with the phone making a brief appearance in a Verizon computer system.

According to the tip, those with their hearts set on the beefy LG G3 may want to mark July 10th on their calendar, that’s the day when G3 pre-orders are expected to open. As for expected launch date, the phone is said to release only a few short days later, hitting stores on July 17th. Given @evleak’s track record, we’d take him at his word but like most things of this nature, take it with a grain of salt.

No word on other details about the device, like whether or not wireless charging will be another Verizon exclusive for the LG G3. But for everyone else’s sake, let’s hope not.


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    According to posts from T-Mobile contest winners @ XDA-DEVELOPERS,wireless charging is on-board.
    You’ll have to buy the charging back covers separately,no surprises there for US carriers.

  • kwaping

    Note that Verizon launched the wildly-successful Galaxy S3 two years ago on July 12th. Great timing for the G3, almost too good to be purely coincidental!

    • Aaron Mayeux

      I was about to say this. I got the S3 on that day and my contract is up on the 17th. But, this time around i’m buying the phone out right and saying F the contracts(and verizon)!

  • ac

    Seems to line up properly. Sprint has a sweepstakes going on that ends on July 11, as well, and their website tips for a July 25 release. T-Mobile has a sweepstakes going on that ends on June 29, so pre-orders should start shortly after that.

  • Shane Grimes

    I wonder if they will offer the 32 GB / 3 GB ram option.

    • shonowens

      They better. Verizon has played enough games. One, with the LG G2 being the only different body form. Two, AT&T & Verizon “uping the security” on the S5. I want the G3 to be as legit as we all know it should be. However, I feel a bit overly optimistic.

  • Anthony Johnson

    have decided to replace my Nexus 5 with LG G3 and waiting for its availability in
    US. I will definitely prefer to buy its 32GB internal memory and 3GB RAM
    version and impressed with its 3000mAh battery that supports wireless charging feature.
    I already marked 17th July on a calendar.