Reply to SMS from your desktop with Pushbullet and EvolveSMS


The folks at Pushbullet are doing some of the coolest things on Android right now. If you’re unfamiliar with the app check out “5 cool things you should be doing with Pushbullet.” The basic function of Pushbullet is allow you to “push” things to any connected device, but it can also do something called “Notification Mirroring.” This allows you to see Android notifications across devices, including your desktop computer. Today they are making that feature even more handy.

The developer behind EvolveSMS, a popular SMS replacement, has announced a partnership with Pushbullet. This partnership will allow EvolveSMS users to receive, view, and now reply to SMS messages from their desktop PC. Before it was only possible to see that you received a SMS, but you had to grab your phone to take action on it. Check out the video below to see it in action.

In order to use this feature you need to be a member of the EvolveSMS and Pushbullet beta communities, and have the Pushbullet Chrome extension. You can find links to all of those below. Hopefully we see more partnerships with Pushbullet like this. Imagine being able to take action on more notifications right from your desktop. Are you using Pushbullet or EvolveSMS?

EvolveSMS beta community

Pushbullet community

Pushbullet for Chrome

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  • SmoothMalice

    I was never able to successfully get EvolveSMS to run on my Nexus 5 without crashing. But I do have Pushbullet and hope to see it work with Hello or Hangouts

    • Joe Fedewa

      That’s strange, it works great on my N5.

  • Nathan Borup

    Does using this mean I can’t use hangouts as my default sms app?

    • Joe Fedewa


      • Nathan Borup

        That is retarded… They should’ve just integrated this with mightytext because you can use mightytext in the background on your phone while still using your favorite sms app too

        • Joe Fedewa

          It’s not up to Pushbullet to integrate this. MightyText would have to do the work.

          • Nathan Borup

            I think it is more a collaborative effort rather than one or the other. Pushbullet has to allow for replying on their end and mightytext would have to allow pushbullet to work with them

  • AbbyZFresh

    I think I have something similar with Motorola Connect.

    • RahjerDat

      I was about to say the same thing. The only thing I see wrong is when someone sends an emoji, it comes up as a quick notification. But when I open the extension it just shows me squares.

  • New_Guy777

    Pushbullet vs MightyText…On one hand, MightyText plays nice with whatever SMS app you want…on the other, Pushbullet allows for bigger file sizes to be transferred.

    I’ve got both, but the one that can solidly offer the better service in both of those areas will be the winner in my book (or should I say, on my phone)

  • a)

    Only reason I went back to hangouts is that EvolveSMS wouldn’t sent MMS messages. I finally got it configured and any time that I would send an MMS message, I would have to go back in and manually resend it

    • New_Guy777

      MightyText can do MMS.

  • Droid6

    I’m loving it so far , I ditch Hangout sadly but might pick it up if this don’t work out

    • New_Guy777

      MightyText doesn’t do as large of file transfers, but they do pretty much all of the major things PushBullet does (with the exception of ITTT). Nice thing is that you don’t have to abandon Hangouts.

  • aryndar

    Desksms by clockworkmod been doing this for years…

    • New_Guy777

      I’m a paid owner of Desksms, but it’s integration is lacking. Contact names weren’t shown, just the (phone #’s)@….which was less than useful. Also, these apps do a lot more than just SMS…file sharing between devices, sharing of web pages, lists, etc.

  • MrDivaNYC

    Google Desktop AND PDANet already had this feature…wayyyyyyyyyyy before anyone else. DUH!