Honeywell announces Nest-like smart thermostat with Android app

honeywell lyric

It looks like the Google-owned Nest smart thermostat is finally getting some real competition. Honeywell has announced a new smart thermostat called “Lyric.” This is not their first smart thermostat, but the Lyric looks vastly different from their previous offerings. It’s obvious that the Nest has been a big influence.

Like the Nest, the Lyric is round with a circular display and the temperature can be changed by turning the device like a wheel. It also has an extra display and a couple of buttons on the face. Honeywell has named the device “Lyric” because it is supposed to keep your temperature “in tune.” How does it do this?


The big feature of Lyric is geofencing. Through the Android and iOS apps it knows when you leave the house and when you are close to home. It can adjust the temperature to save energy while you’re gone, and then go back to comfort for when you get back. Your home radius can be adjusted in the settings. Lyric will be available in August from Lowe’s for $279. Are you getting one? Do you already have a Nest?

[Honeywell via Verge]

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  • JRomeo

    Nest has an easier User Interface.

    • Aristotle

      In what way? The face looks pretty minimalist to me; just like Nest.

      • Chris Brown

        Maybe he is referring to the app.

  • moises1204

    Its a good thing that apple don’t own nest, or Honeywell be in trouble!

    • Jason

      I don’t foresee smart thermostats overtaking dumb thermostats any time soon. Honeywell’s thermostat business won’t be in any trouble no matter who owns Nest.

    • Jason

      Oh, I just realized you were probably referring to potential lawsuits. I believe Honeywell already has a lawsuit against Nest over several patents, and one in particular deals with the round, rotatable design.

      • moises1204

        you finally got it ah!

  • David Eaton

    I wonder how it handles multiple occupants. When I go to work, and my wife is off that day, does it know there are people still in the house?

    • J Cav the Great

      good Q.

    • tq745

      Multiple smartphones are able to connect to the thermostat at once.

  • Chris Brown

    Going with Nest. Its $30 cheaper.

  • Jason

    I recently bought the Ecobee Smart Si thermostat. While it doesn’t look as fancy as this or the Nest, it works great, has WiFi control with an Android app, has great logging showing the unit run times and a temperature graph, and only costs about $163.

  • MG83

    I have a programmable Honeywell that I got for about $10 after a National Grid rebate. Between my wife and I, someone is always home. The house stays 70 in the winter, and 66 at night. In the summer our central air is a cool 74. Self adjusting temperature when you’re close to home sounds cool. In reality after taxes you just paid $300 for a freaking thermostat. The money you “save” will take years to recoup. You’re better off putting that $300 into a home energy audit and let them properly insulate and seal your house.

  • Lex Lybrand

    these cost way too much for me to consider not using what i already have installed

  • steveb944

    Rather have a Nest, and then rather not invest so much into a thermostat.

    • tq745

      Nest IS a thermostat

      • steveb944

        What I meant was if I had to get one it’d be a Nest, but bottom line is I wouldn’t spend that much money on either.

  • Zack

    Why do these things have to be so expensive?

  • Devon Warren

    Bring on the competition, I am really looking forward to a unified home automation system being developed (come on Google!)

    • David W

      I say to bring on the competition so the prices will come down. There is no reason these should cost the same as what a mid line cell phone costs off contract. It is doing a fraction of the processing and has a fraction of the features.

      • Devon Warren

        This is true though I imagine the turn over rate of a thermostat will be much lower than a phone. I couldn’t imagine changing my thermostat every 2 years, let alone the 6 months or less some people do.

  • TheJunkie

    Give me a similar device to control sprinklers, google:)

    • Shelton Don Caramelo Stevens

      I never thought of that! If they could do this, I’d buy one at twice the price of Nest or this thing. I’m lazy and hate going to my garage to change the times, settings, etc. Million Dollar idea right there man

  • godrilla

    Perfect just in time for the summer

  • R_Fact

    Are these things (including Nest) supposed to be cute, or what kind of a design idea is it?