You can now buy the Sony SmartBand in the US for $100

sony smartband

Looking for another fitness band to add to the ol’ collection? Sony’s SmartBand might be worth taking a look. It features motion and location sensors for activity tracking, controls for media playback, as well as LED-powered and vibration-driven notifications for alarms, SMS messages, missed calls and more. The watch syncs with Sony’s Lifelog application (the two can be paired using NFC) to give you a quick and clean look at all your workout data (which syncs over Bluetooth 4.0 LE).

The problem for those of us in the States is that it wasn’t available… until today. You can buy it from Sony’s own website if you don’t mind going that route. It’ll cost just $99.99, and that’ll net you 100 Sony Reward Points and free shipping. Might as well take a look if you don’t need a full fledged smartwatch.

[via Sony]

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  • domatau

    review at mentions the battery life being around 5 days between charge. i’ll stick with my fitbit one for now, which lasts me 2-weeks between charge.