Some users starting to see World Cup support in Google Now

The 2014 FIFA World Cup is nearly here, and it appears Google may be readying official support for the tournament’s information in Google Now. One Youtuber was able to issue several commands in Google Now asking for World Cup info, and the app spit out the appropriate goods.

Asking something like “When does USA play” or “How did Italy do in the World Cup” will bring schedules, recent scores and stats, and more where appropriate. The features don’t seem to be working for a large amount of people just yet, but you can give it a try just for kicks.

As Google has yet to officially detail this update we’re not sure how deep the rabbit hole goes, but with everything set to kick off June 12th we imagine it won’t be long until they announce a widespread rollout. Watch it in action in the video above, and let us know who you’re representing in the comments below!

google now fifa 2014 world cup

[via Reddit]

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  • Adam McIntosh

    Nope, not working for me yet

  • Schaweet

    No luck for me either.

  • androidica

    got it to remind me when you type “world cup 2014″

  • steveb944

    No go for me yet. I’ll have to use Forza, Brazil 2014, and the FIFA app to follow Colombia for the time being.

    • Roaduardo

      Falcao! Why?! I was so looking forward to seeing him… What a blow to the Colombians.

  • Daniel

    Hopefully they’ll add being able to add international teams to your favourite teams soon.