Moto X, Moto G, and Moto E now receiving Android 4.4.3

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Heads up, Motorola has just announced via their official blog that they’ve begun preparations to begin rolling out Android 4.4.3 to their smartphone lineup this week. The update is set to hit the T-Mobile Motorola Moto X (we’re assuming they mean unlocked model), as well as unlocked models of the Moto G (US online or Brazil retail) and Moto E (US and Canada).

What’s interesting is Motorola says the Moto E is still eligible for the next major firmware upgrade, leaving us to assume after that it could be the last one. Here’s what you can look forward to once the over-the-air update hits your device:

Motorola’s Android 4.4.3 update

  • Improved camera image quality for Moto X including better consistency of exposure, more realistic flash coloring, and improved photos in low light conditions using front camera.
  • For Moto X and Moto G, pausing for video recording with a convenient pause/resume button on the viewfinder.
  • Motorola Alert in this update for Moto X and Moto G users. This new app helps give peace of mind by sending periodic messages to the contacts you choose.

Motorola also mentions the update will bring new UI changes as well, along with overall stability fixes, added security, and improvements to Motorola’s power profiles. Sit tight, as the rollout begins today. Anyone got their Android 4.4.3 OTA yet?

[Motorola Blog]

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  • Medion

    Just a heads up for owners of the CDMA pre-paid Moto G models (Verizon, Boost, etc.), we’re not included in this release. Update still has to go through carrier testing.

    For reference, the KitKat update that hit the uinlocked Moto G in January hit the Verizon model about 3 weeks later. That’s really not bad at all.

    • Chris Chavez

      Yup. Motorola has been kicking ass with their updates. Thanks for the heads up!

  • mcl630

    That was fast. I have to wonder if Moto will continue updating their devices so fast once Lenovo gets it’s claws into them?

    • ThreeFourSeven

      I think so. I think they develop a culture now and I think it will carry over to Lenovo.

      • mcl630

        I hope you’re right. Lenovo’s current culture is the exact opposite. Lenovo’s current crop of Android tablets (I can’t speak to their phones) mostly get no updates at all, and the few that do get updates certainly aren’t timely.

  • dreadnatty08

    US GSM Moto G and no update. No problem, 4.4.2 is just fine.

  • Keith Young

    Just checked my unlocked MotoX (XT1053)…………no update yet!!

    • Jerel Butler

      I am going to lurk over at xda for a flashable zip

  • Derek Ross

    DAMN. Moto is using and abusing that PDK. That’s just great.

    • ThomasMoneyhon

      well for now moto is still a google company for the time being…

  • BoulderAndroidFan

    Still waiting for 4.4.2 update for the new Droid lineup.

    • phinn

      Droid lineup is a joke. Get a Moto X.

  • jonathan rodriguez

    US GSM moto x just got the update , that was fast

    • ThomasMoneyhon

      is it possible you could send me your build.prop? I have the at&t model bootloader unlocked and would prefer not to wait for them to approve the update. Nexus15 at gmail dot com – Thanks

  • AbbyZFresh

    I don’t believe this. Did they even do a soak test of the update yet? That usually takes a week and the update just came out to Nexus 5 yesterday.

    It would still be a new record if Moto released this a week later AFTER testing first.

  • phinn

    The speedy updates continue. Moto X is the next best thing to a Nexus. In some ways even better.

  • Shelly Brian

    I have to wonder if Moto will continue updating their devices so fast once Lenovo gets it’s claws into them?

  • Syabiel Low

    when for asia(malaysia)?

  • Danish

    when for india

  • androidscales

    Moto deserves somes respect it is making top notch android phones and keeping them up to date

  • toomuchgame441

    I may just have to make Motorola my next go to manufacturer… after my love affair with HTC and LG wears off of course.

  • Ratan Kumar