Pushbullet beta comes to Google Play for fearless explorers


Pushbullet already pushes out (no pun intended) features at an alarming pace, but if you need to be at the very edge of development you can now participate in their beta program via Google Play. It’s as easy as joining a beta program has ever been — join the community here, then opt into the beta here. Simple, no?

From there you’ll be delivered updates of all the latest features before they’re ready for gen-pop. They also announced an update to their Windows app that adds support for notification mirroring so be sure to check that out if you’re into that sort of thing.

[via Pushbullet]

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  • Nathan McCrackan

    Installed for about 30 minutes and then uninstalled. It really ate up my battery and had 2 crashes on my pc which hasn’t crashed in over 1 year. When I uninstalled from the pc it left behind 30 something reg entries and 88 orphaned files.

  • Alexander

    i already got the desktop app notification feature automatically and i can say that it is terrible ugly and annoying that the messages dont go away automatically, they stay on the screen until you click them…