Android 4.4.3 factory images now available for Nexus 4, 5, 7, and 10 [DOWNLOAD]

Nexus 5 shortcuts DSC05736

After T-Mobile tipped us off that Android 4.4.3 wold be arriving today, Google has just released the new factory images for the Nexus 4 (build KTU84L), Nexus 5 (build KTU84M), Nexus 7 (2013 + 2012), and Nexus 10 on their images and binaries download page. You can either sit tight and wait for the update to hit your device over the air, or download and apply via fastboot if you have knowledge in that sorta stuff. Have at it!


[Google factory images | Drivers | AOSP]

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  • Guest

    whats new in this incremental update?

    • IVHorseMen

      Bug fixes for 4.4.2 and dailer for the Nexus 5

  • rickneworleansla


  • Aaron Peromsik

    Perhaps you meant “Nexus 7 (2013 + 2012)” ?

  • toomuchgame441

    Is it gonna fix the terrible battery life on the N5? Probably not

    • mcl630

      Three days on one charge is “terrible”???

      • Peter Elder

        how do you manage three days?

        • mcl630

          I keep Location History turned off. It makes Google Now slightly less useful, but makes a huge difference in battery life.

          I’m sure I wouldn’t be considered a heavy user, but it’s not like I never touch my phone, I’m using it quite a bit throughout the typical day. If I can get 3 days regularly (2 days occasionally when I use it more than usual), I can’t imagine heavier users having any problems getting through one day, unless they’re watching videos for hours at a time or playing high-end games constantly.

          • Peter Elder

            I get around 12-16 hours on a normal day. Usually not a problem, but I would like a little more just so I can relax a bit more. After dealing with the GNex 6 hour battery life and carrying 3 batteries everywhere, I’m a bit paranoid.

          • Joni Johirul

            Use a app called BatteryGuru by Qualcomm its really good.. helps me get 20+ hours per charge!

  • DavidVarghese

    I guess I’ll be sitting “tigh”

  • wrceuro

    Will this work on the Sprint N5?

    • h4rr4r

      There is no Sprint N5. There are only two SKUs the US version and the International version. The N5 on Sprint is the same device as the google play unit or the one on Tmobile.


  • Jiro K

    So that camera bug

  • jhawkkw

    No LTE Nexus 7 4.4.3 image yet. Is it any coincidence that the only Nexus device that is suppose to get updated that can be used on Verizon is the only one to not get the update. I guess the LTE Nexus 7 has become the redheaded stepchild Nexus now that the GNex is EOL’d.

    • Hothfox

      I’m considering flashing the WiFi images on my LTE Nexus 7. I cancelled my data plan with AT&T because I hadn’t been using it much on cellular data, and am on WiFi all day. I did that with my Xoom as well.

  • VI

    So what happened to the Sprint version everyone said I was wrong for doubting would ever arrive ontime? Fool me once, shame on you…

    Seriously: why do people still put any stock in CDMA carriers to delivery timely updates?


    I always wondered what mtv.corp meant.

  • PaulMonroeJr

    I just got my update. I was considering going this route, but it showed up about ten minutes ago sooo

  • macgiobuin

    I have not received my update yet for the 2013 Nexus 7 – WiFi only version.