Google Camera update 2.2.024 brings 16:9 aspect ratio and delayed timers [DOWNLOAD]

Google Camera 2.2.024 update

A new update to Google Camera has begun hitting the Play Store for some folks. As usual, changelogs are scarce, but we have found that the new 2.2.024 update adds the option to shoot in a cropped 16:9 aspect ratio in the settings, as well as a 3 or 10 second timer. For those looking to get the goods early, you can download via the link below, or wait around for the update to roll out to your Android device.

[MediaFire | via Derek Traini]

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  • Fodografes

    Still no HDR option on my Note 3, but now the manual exposure actually works.

    • Jared Meadows

      Chances are, that’s mostly Samsung you have to blame there.

      I myself made a certain camera app (, and I had to jump through all SORTS of hoops just to get it to run on Samsung hardware. I think they do some really funky stuff with their cameras and it makes it a pain for devs to get stuff to work on their hardware (even though it works fine on everything else).

      Sorry, if you can’t tell, I don’t have much love for Sammy, even though half my friends and family are sporting their devices. :-P

  • paddylaz


    All that’s needed now is custom iso and/or exposure lock and we’re in business

  • youareme7

    i’m still hoping (in vain most likely) that they’ll add a burst mode and maybe a 120fps video mode. burst should be reasonable anyway

    • Imparus

      They don’t have the API for that yet, I think we will have to wait for HAL, before we get ;)

  • paco cornholio

    Nice to see Google picking up the pace on improving this app. Much needed.

    • Caezar07

      idk if I would call it improving when they are just adding back features that they previously removed.

  • Tony Hannides

    I really want to use the Google Camera but it sucks on the Note 3. It’s super slow.

  • Caezar07

    Wow, thanks Google, for the cool new futuristic camera timer feature!!!

    (sarcasm…google for whatever reason removed the camera timer from the camera app during the last major camera app update.)

  • Wesley

    Yes! I’m glad the timer is back. I need it. With hands that don’t work very well, it’s nice to be able to set up a shot after I hit the shutter button. At least, I hope it will still work that way.

  • Joshua Simpson

    I don’t like it. At all.

  • Peter Frazier

    it would be nice to have the option.

    better have and use then need and want

  • ρrστhrίlls

    It’s okay, but still prefer stock.