LG G3 Developer Edition leaked for T-Mobile, micro SD card slot exposed

LG G3 T-Mobile Lunchbox fixed-1

We’ve seen enough of the LG G3 we really didn’t think another leak of the phone “in the wild” would get us going. We were wrong. What you’re looking at before you is an alleged LG G3 Developer Edition, leaked in the wild, by none other than @evleaks. The particular model in question is said to be a “lunchboxed” version of the phone, house inside a special casing to keep the design from spilling out onto the net. It’s not like that’s much of a secret anymore.

The high resolution images of the phone give us a few close ups of the display and as was to be expected from a 2K Quad HD display — not a pixel in sight. The fact that this version of the phone is a developer edition of the phone for T-Mobile leaves us scratching our heads and hoping we’ll still be able to pick it up on payments. In any case, check out the gallery below for a few more shots of the LG G3 before it is officially unveiled on May 27th.


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  • irishrally

    You can see the MircoSD card slot in the picture with the back removed.

    • Roaduardo

      Say word! Micro SD is brilliant!

    • scoter man1

      Let’s not forget that you can see the battery too =D

      and it definitely appears to be removable

    • Guillaume

      Yummy yummy. SD card and removable battery. I want that.

  • No_Nickname90

    Keep what disguised? It’s just going to be all screen with like no bezel. Can’t really add design to that. Don’t see what they’re hiding.

    Nothing wrong with that design, people have their preferences, but yea. I don’t see what they’re hiding. LoL!!

  • shonowens

    I can’t wait to get this & get rid of this S5!

    • HeatFan786

      Yeah, especially since people were shafted with the current S5 (business is business, but if you’re paying $600-$700, you have the right to best product available.)

      • malcmilli

        shafted how?

        • HeatFan786

          When they will release a newer version of a flagship less than 6 months later for roughly the same price, that’s shafting.

          • malcmilli

            ah, but they seem to be releasing the same phones as they did last year. s4 then s4 active..then note/korean only s4+… i could be wrong but i think we going to have a repeat

          • scoter man1

            They didn’t have an S4 Prime last year though

          • malcmilli

            they did, it was an s800 LTE-Advanced s4 but it was korean release only

          • martin golder

            That is not a ‘prime’ edition. Was the processor significantly improved? The screen resolution? More ram? Bigger battery?

          • malcmilli

            Yes the processor was significantly improved and it had more ram. Just because this one is more improved than the last one doesn’t mean the last one wasn’t a “prime.” Any time a phone doesn’t have the latest gen processor everyone throws a hissy fit, so how does the significant jump from s600 to s800 not matter anymore?

            It doesnt matter anyway because it looks like itll be releasing 6months after the gs5…. which every manufacturer releases a significant upgrade in hardware every 6 months…. and it also doesn’t matter if its a korean only release.

          • HeatFan786

            Not really because the active line is meant to be a shock proof and rough exterior phone now. The S4 in Korea was an LTE-A device with a newer processor. The difference between the S5 and S5 prime is a processor, RAM, screen, and battery.

          • malcmilli

            even so… if the prime is a Korean only device then what’s the difference? Or if it comes out anytime around september or later that’ll be 6 months and itll line up with the Note launch, so what would be the difference? I’m just saying they have often times released more powerful variants of their flagships later on. And always release a more powerful phone 6 months later. So it shouldnt be a surprise.

            They had like 3 variants of the s4 last year, so expect 3 variants of the s5 this year.

    • Guillaume

      Just stop for a minute and think at how much you’ll have spent in 10 years if you keep buying a phone every 2 months.

      • shonowens

        I don’t usually buy phones every 2 months. However, I’m dissatisfied with the Verizon S5 & the LG G3 is seemingly my dream phone. Also, I sell my phone for a good price. That bring said, money isn’t a big deal in this situation.

  • Jay

    This just might be my next phone. Either this or the Note 4.

    Mmmmmmm those bezels

    • HeatFan786

      Simple: Touchwiz features, S-Pen, iso-camera, and waterproofing, Note 4.
      LG design, good battery, 2k display, smaller screen, 13 MP camera with OIS, LG G3.

      • Foramex

        This might just be first time I’ve seen TouchWiz on the pros side.

        • KapteinStein


        • Guillaume

          I didn’t read it as a pro side, but as one point I need to balance my decision. I think it’s fair to consider everything when buying a phone, not only the pro side. And TW is definitely not on the pro side to me :) But I’m already sold to the G3 anyway. Just waiting for them to accept my money now.

          • Foramex

            Can’t disagree with that:) G3 for the win!

  • abhi098

    so it has removable battery too? anyways 36k for 2k resolution is not good. High end games will lag at highest settings.

    • Jay Holm

      How can anything lag running a Snapdragon 801 & 3Gigs of ram??? Gosh people, at this point lagging should be a thing of the past.

  • LiterofCola

    This….or wait for the next Droid Maxx? Decisions.

    • Guillaume

      This. Definitely. You’ll hate yourself for not having this phone.

  • Tony Lai

    Korea actually have flyers out already for pre-ordering the G3.

  • Jay Holm

    Great! But no 700mhz Band 12 support, I will wait.

    • John Wentworth

      I don’t think we know that for sure yet, the phone hasn’t even been officially unveiled, if the t-mobile version get band 12 support this could very well be my phone.

  • irishrally

    No heartrate sensor? Deal beaker.

    • Joe J


  • RockMarz

    wow..they have gone to a brick edition this year.