Amazon begins offering Grand Theft Auto, Twitch and more for Fire TV and Kindle

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The Amazon Fire TV has just gotten a lot more explosive with Amazon introducing a few big games for fans of mayhem. I’m talking about the Grand Theft Auto 3 trilogy, which includes Grand Theft Auto 3, Grand Theft Auto Vice City and Grand Theft Auto San Andreas. The former two are now available for $4.99 each, while San Andreas will run you $6.99.

Amazon is also running a deal for San Andreas — buying it will net you 2,000 Amazon coins to use on content in the Amazon App Store. That’s a $20 value, so you could essentially get the first two games for free if you buy them in reverse order (or spend the credits on whatever else might interest you). Here’s what else is on tap in the Amazon Appstore for Fire TV in recent days:

All of it is waiting for your downloads and dollars, so head to the app store on your TV or Kindle Fire to grab it, or head to Amazon’s site using the links above.

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  • Guest

    You get 2000 coins free if you buy GTA:SA, buy it first and use the coins to buy the others.

  • Montisaquadeis

    TO bad the twitch mobile app sucks. I prefer to go with Vortex for viewing twitch streams it even has built in chat.That is if I am watching on a mobile device.

  • Orionsangel

    The official Twitch app has a nice UI but it’s limited. You can’t search for games or users. The streams you get are limited. For example, you may see Trial Fusion and when you click on it. You see three people playing Trial Fusion. When in reality some 30 people or more are playing Trial Fusion at that moment. You can’t sign into your account and check out your followers either.

    A great alternative is the Twitch plugin on XBMC. It not only lets you watch every stream going on in Twitch. You can search and sign in and check out your followers.