Yahoo buys messaging app Blink, promptly shuts it down

Yahoo is continuing its acquisition spree under the direction of CEO Marissa Mayer, scooping up messaging app Blink for an undisclosed sum. Meh Labs, creator of Blink, announced the acquisition via the app’s official site before promptly opting to shut the service down.


The deal is being dubbed Yahoo’s latest acqui-hire as the company was more interested in wrangling the talent pool behind Blink than pushing the messaging platform to the next level. Blink saw modest success in a crowded field of similar apps, its biggest competitor being Snapchat and services like WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger, which continue to add features to cater to fans of now-you-see-it-now-you-don’t messaging.

Blink isn’t completely offline as of now but will soon vanish as quickly as the self-destructing messages passed between users. If you are a current user looking for an alternative, Snapchat was recently updated with a host of new messaging features.

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  • jinxdroid

    Am I the only person that read “Meth Labs, creator of Blink”?

    • Brian

      WW !

    • jeephacker

      Nope, I didn’t realize it was not Meth Labs till I read your comment

  • Haggie

    If you can’t actually recruit talented people to your floundering company, buy them wholesale!

    • ilh

      …and watch them leave individually.